Day trip to Khlong Phlu Waterfall on my Last Full Day on Kok Chang! At Steemfest After Chill!

2년 전

Was truly breathtaking!! A hike up through the jungle revealed Khlong Phlu Waterfall. The sounds of the jungle were so loud at times, one just about needed ear plugs. A quite quickly the falls exposed itself!!

Short Story~ In it's apparent Glory


Over a rise and there were the falls like a lightning bolt of water!


As we got closer, one could hear and feel what flowed from the mouth. A stunning site!! Gravity won, the water had no flight.


We got closer as the butterflies flew! All around magic things butterflies do.


There must have been a hundred different species of butterflies living next to the falls. Photoed the few that would this wonderful land!


The colors left a mental brand! So much wonderness at hand!


Unfolding their wings in timeless fashion! Like decorating the falls was there passion!


Oh what I would not do, to know how the butterflies flew. From up, to down dizzying my spirits all around!


Then another, and another more! Like a peak through mother nature's door!


Like a matted pair, I wondered, I stared!


As we moved on from a swim, salmon(@jask8831) I believe we're stretching their fins!


They zingged and @steemzzang -ed. And tried to jump for higher shelf's in the falls! The stuff of legends. Sometimes takes real balls!!


We took a dip, with try not to slip! One last look at the falls, got to love it when nature calls!!


Thanks for stopping in Steem and @jeffjagoe, @celestal and a couple un-named steemians for making this such a awesome trip to Khlong Phlu Falls. A teaching me to swim with the big fish!!

Also a shout out to the Korean community at Steemfest and the Korean scot-tribes. Was a pleasure having breakfast with you fellows and teaching me something about integrity and virtue! You rock @kopasi @jack8831 and @cjsdns! More to come!! And a hello to the broader Korean community!

November 15/2019

I've been told I should share more of my art/heart on Steem! Today I bring you a stack of rocks I made on the ways down from the Khlong Phlu Falls! Have a close look a let me know when you see it?


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Those are amazing shots bro!! Have a safe trip back home buddy.!!

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed! One more night in Bangkok and fly home tomorrow! Was a pleasure to meet you!

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Beautiful picks
in the sticks.
I like the poetry
in the forestry.

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Thanks @nateaguila! Happy travels for you and the family home!

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I don't think we spoke during SF, or did we but I forgot(??)

Wow!!! You stacked that Stone? That's crazy!

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Wow .. a waterfall and all those stunning butterflies..what a trip :) Great photos!

That’s one spectacular waterfall!

Exceptionally beautiful photography!

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Those butterflies are gorgeous
But it is the rocks that made me stare for the longest time
You made that?.... That is just toooo cooooool