Story of Brian Kolfage and his fight for his country, the wall and freedom of speech on the internet

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I quite rarely write about individual people but this got my attention. Brian Kolfage is a war veteran who suffered triple amputation during his mission in Iraq. Interesting thing about him is he is still fighting, not just personally but for everyone in US and not just there. I found about this man quite coincidentally but we know there are no coincidences, let me share with you part of his story if you are not familiar with it.

Facebook censorship

Leaving war behind he established his community and business on Facebook. He built large network of supporters and customers (of his coffee shop) there. But because Facebook hates patriots and conservatives, they shut down his accounts right before midterm election (even though he even invested in several hundreds of thousands of dollars to Facebook ads). They shut him down without blink of an eye anyway. This only shows how most leftist (and their special Zuckerberg censorship branch) these days are so desperately blind and scared that is almost unbelievable. Check the story below...

Trump Wall

Let's go to the next thing about Brian. About 20 days ago Brian - seeing all the Deamonrats Democrats political bluffing around national security and border control - as a good patriot he started a funding campaign "We The People Will Fund The Wall" to fund the Mexico wall or at least part of the wall. Currently it's one of the biggest raising campaign at (raised over 19M USD by over 300,000 backers so far, target is 1B$ though).

Raising 1$ from DEM speaker

One side branch of this story is that Nancy Pelosi (DEM Speaker of the US House of Representatives) promised in some interview to give 1$ to the wall, Brian went to meet her to raise the promised dollar. You can see the first attempt to speak with her here here.

Note that it's estimated that illegal immigration cost over 200$ Billion per year and Democrats are refusing to approve one time expense 5$ Billion Wall expense to prevent huge portion of this from happening (which is just 2.5% of the total year expense for illegal immigration).

American people should wake up and see false hypocritical facade of especially of their Dems / leftist politicians these days. They say something for years and when they can do it (or at least to help with that) they do the opposite. These people are just fake, corrupted people and liars. They attack anyone who is not fully in agreement with their pathetic and destructive style and agenda. They brainwash people (with great help of MSM) to see a Russian agent everywhere even in their veterans like Brian. The irony is that leftist can see Russian danger everywhere but when they can vote for strong border control so they can verify incoming people properly they say NO. It's quite obvious why. Dems needs additional voters from illegal immigrants for their fraud election game to keep their political power especially now when Americans are slowly waking up.

Problem is also that children and students are taught this satanic socialist way as a norm since their childhood in schools so they are already pre-programmed when they grow up to this kind of totalitarian way of thinking and they consider it normal and propagate it further. Wake up people before something really bad happens!

Anyway, kudos to Brian and brave people like him. People around the world but especially Americans should embrace, support and listen to individuals like him. God bless Brian and his family.

If you want to support his cause (which is actually cause of most people) consider backing the wall fundraising and sharing his message.



Thanks to Daily Caller and Huckabee youtube channels for the videos

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