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Hello, It's Artisteem!

This contest theme is "Autumn Scenery(Subtitle : Autumn Colors)"

About the aesthetic times of autumn.

We are very curious what color of autumn will unfold in every country in the world? 

Feel free to paint the spectacular scenery of autumn creatively.

Please refer to the example works below.

Submission period

2018.10.16 03:00 UTC - 2018.10.25 03:00 UTC Award

1st(1 person) -50 STEEM

2nd(1 person) - 30 STEEM

3rd(1 person) - 20 STEEM

1 respect = 2 points, 1SBD = 10 points, 1comment = 1point

As a complement to the ranking score calculation system, votingbot/external-voting and self-voting are excluded from scoring. As a result, self-voting is allowed, so you can freely do it.

It is picked via online votes and in-house judges' evaluations.

*The amount of support for voting is set from $1(SBD) to $2(SBD) If screening criteria are met.(not all)
*You can upload three pieces per person.

We show you more examples than many explanations!

[Example works]

source :

source :

source :

Screening criteria


Is the concept or idea of the work totally new?
Does the work have a meaningful distinction?
Is there any sense out of the way of thinking?

Artistic Design

Are the use of colors stable? Is the composition of the work quite mature?
Is the work of any kind superior in aesthetic value?


Is the art work fun and impressive to the public?
Do you inspire the public with design?
Can lead to public interest and empathy?


The paint materials are limited to watercolors, oil paints, contes, crayons,  colored pencils


precautions of art works

Contents that contain lewd, abomination, or slang
Slanderous or malicious contents for a particular person.
Is there any wrong concept in the contents(e.g., a work with a strong religious, political, and sexual orientation)?
Contents with excessive advertising/commercial content
Significant underperformations (e.g., screenshots, photocopied and pasted photos)


It will be prohibited if uploaded works are copied or stolen
An unauthorised publication
Multimedia whose origin is unclear, such as without copyright permission

*This is to inform you that the applicant is responsible for any claims and arising issue from copyright violations.

안녕하세요 아티스팀입니다!

이번 컨테스트 주제는 "가을 풍경(부제 : 가을날의 수채화)"입니다.

가을의 미적 시간들에 대한...

세계의 나라마다 어떠한 색깔의 가을이 펼쳐질까요? 무척 궁금합니다.

가을의 눈부신 풍경들을 창의적으로 자유롭게 그려보세요.

아래에 있는 예시작품들을 참고해 주세요.

 출품 기간
2018.10.16 03:00 UTC - 2018.10.25 03:00 UTC
(03:00 UTC는 한국시간으로 12:00pm입니다) 

콘테스트 시상
1st(1명) -50 STEEM
2nd(1명) - 30 STEEM
3nd(1명) - 20 STEEM

시상기준 – 아티스팀 내부 선정

1 respect = 2점, 1SBD = 10점, 1comment=1점

랭킹점수 산정 시스템 보완으로 보팅봇/외부보팅과 셀프보팅은 점수 산정에서 제외됩니다. 따라서 기존 금지되었던 셀프보팅은 허용되오니 자유롭게 셀프보팅 하셔도 됩니다.

*컨테스트에 올라오는 작품들의 보팅 지원은 심사기준을 충족시
$1(SBD)부터 $2(SBD)까지 보팅을 지원합니다. (모든작품은 아닙니다)
*일인당 3개의 작품을 올릴 수 있습니다


출처 :

출처 :

출처 :




작품의 컨셉이나 아이디어가 새로운가?
작품에 의미있는 차별화가 있는가?
기존의 사고방식에서 벗어나 재치가 넘치는가?


색채의 사용이 안정적이며 작품의 구도 및 구성이 완성도가 있는가?
작품의 장르를 초월하여 미적 가치가 우수한가?


대중들이 보기에 작품이 즐겁고 인상적인가?
대중들에게 디자인적인 영감을 주는가?


작품 재료는 수채화물감, 유화물감, 콩테,크레용,색연필로 한정합니다.


콘텐츠 업로드시 주의 사항(금지사항)

음란, 혐오성 표현이 내재되거나 비속어가 포함된 내용
특정인에 대해서 비방성 혹은 악의적인 내용이 포함된 경우
작품의 내용에 잘못된 개념은 없는가(예: 종교적, 정치적, 성적 성향이 짙은 작품)
지나친 광고성/상업적 내용이 포함된 내용
완성도가 현저히 떨어지는 작품 (예: 스크린샷, 복사해서 붙여넣은 사진)

저작권 관련 유의사항

타 작품을 모방하거나 도용했을 경우
타인의 저작물을 허가 없이 등록한 게시물
저작권자의 허락을 받지 않는 등의 출처가 불분명한 멀티미디어

*저작권 위배로부터 야기된 권리 주장과 관련된 사항은 해당 작품 출품자에게 책임이 있음을 알려드립니다.

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Hello, everyone~!!
Please be sure to submit your entry for "Autumn" the theme of the Painting-contest.
Thank you for your attention.

@artisteem, Unfortunately i am not an artist but for sure i really want to appreciate your work because you are boosting artists through the Contest Economy. And the Theme autumn is also great choice because we all know that in Autumn season the nature reflects as reborn and relive with the colourful essence and the beauty of nature becomes and reflects healing aspect.

And whenever we talk about art then it should come from our heart and it should not be categorised in into good and bad because when art comes from heart then it comes with deep emotional picture and our inner imagination and feelings.

"I am not an artist but i write poetry pieces. Kindly let me know if i can write original Poetry piece on this particular theme because i really inspired with it."

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Hello, @chireerocks.
Thank you for your encouragement and amazing suggestion.
We artisteem also have come to sympathize with you and deeply inspired by your idea.
Why don't you put your creative poem in a beautiful autumn image background?
We look forward to seeing your awesome work.
Thank you for your great suggestion.


Thank you so much for welcoming my suggestion and soon i will share my Original Poetry Piece. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed. 🙂

Hello @artisteem
I appreciate your team's effort in promoting the art community in steemit. I hope you continue the project because it does a lot of good in the platform. Do you have a Discord account account where we could reach your community?


Hello, @adamda
Actually, we are preparing to build a community in Discord and Telegram.
We'll announce the plan right after it is ready.
Thank you for your attention.


That is good news. I do hope you have an existing representative on Discord. I wanted to raise a concern regarding the upvotes you have been giving to some users. I believe some upvotes given by the @artisteem account were misplaced on authors that want to use your tags for a substantial upvote. I'm talking about fake artists pretending to post art but the content does not fit your criteria.

If these upvotes are done automated, then I can understand the mistake being overlooked. I wanted to raise this issue to your community's attention because I hate to see the artisteem tag be abused by people who don't deserve those rewards you give out. I belong to a community that watches out for abuse in the platform and we do keep track of abusive posts that just want abuse community projects without contributing value to the platform.

Here is the SteemFlagRewards Discord Server Link

  ·  3년 전

오옷...당장 그려봐야 겠넹요 ^^

@artisteem Team,

As discussed I've completed my poetry piece on Autumn Theme and created an Blog Post too to give deep meaning to it, and thank you so much for welcoming me with big encouragement. Kindly find the blog post below.

And as you mentioned, kindly find the poetry piece with Autumn Background Image.


Actually i also have my Deep Dive Series where i talk about my Blog Posts and it's an Dtube Series. So, today i will talk about this poetry and also going to share this contest so that it can reach to more people who are enthusiastic and interested about the Art, Design and Painting.

I am not an professional in writing or poetry but for sure whatever i write i try to put my heart in it. And genuinely speaking, your encouragement is really graceful. kindly let me know if i can contribute my Poetry Pieces for upcoming Themes too. Hoping and wishing an artful journey with @artisteem Team.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂


Hello, @chireerocks
You did it really well, and your artwork is really gorgeous much more than we expected. Could you participate this work in our contest?
Link below :
Thank you for your inspiration


Welcome and thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation, and i will definitely check out that Contest. Looking forward for the future themes so that i can share my poetry pieces. Have a great time ahead team. Stay blessed. 🙂


@artisteem Team, I've visited the ARTISTEEM Platform and participation is done and below work of poetry with fall background uploaded their. Kindly, let me know if i have to do anything else.



Posted using Partiko Android

Hello @artisteem is a pleasure to say hello, we found the theme of this week very interesting and beautiful, for this reason we have encouraged to participate, but we have a question: Can a work be done in watercolor but in digital design? We have worked this technique with photoshop and we want to know if it will be allowed.

An example of one of our work is the following:

Thank you very much for your time and your initiative, we hope to participate.


Hello, @cafeconleche.
First of all, we salute you with the technology. It looks like a photoshop technology that actually feels like watercolors, so we think it's possible. We look forward to seeing your work of new technique.
Thank you for your attention.


Thank you very much for answering that doubt, of course we will participate as we find your initiative very funny and productive.

We have already uploaded our design, but we had a problem because we deleted the Steemit post but the image continues to appear in Artisteem and that post no longer exists. We decided to upload the illustration again as a new post, although it still appears in our profile of Artisteem but nobody can vote or interact because it is a mistake, will not there be a problem with that?

This is the post

hello @artisteem why do I post out like this, while my network is very good.



I think it's because of the login maintenance function. Could you retry after logout. I'm sorry to have caused you so much inconvenience.

I’ve uploaded the wrong picture..due to your maintenance. Is it can edit the picture?


Hello, zamifara
Is your work as below right?
Do you want it to be deleted?


Can you?


Okay!, We're done with it.
Have a great day~!


Thank you @artisteem...!🙏🏻☺️

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Great job!

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안녕하세요~ 제가 Paint X 앱을 이용해서 2일 전에 참여한 작품인데요

혹시 이런 앱을 사용하면 심사에서 제외되나요?,, 그래서 다음 작품으로 참여를

못하고 있습니다 ㅜㅜ 문의드립니다

아티스팀 너무 좋아요 화이팅입니다!

포스팅 주소


안녕하세요? phuzion 님,
이번 회화 컨테스트 테마는 "가을 - 부제: 가을날의 수채화"입니다.
앱을 사용하시는 건 권장하지는 않지만 테마에 맞게 제작되고 작품성이 있다고 판단되는
작품에 한해서는 보팅을 지원하고 있습니다. 감사합니다.

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보팅은 안왔지만 가을국화인데 이번 콘테스트와 좀 동떨어진 감이 있긴하지만

이번 콘테스트가 가을 풍경 회화인데요.
이런 콘테스트 참여글들은 가을 풍경 회화와 부합하지 않은 작품들같은데 왜 아티스팀 보팅이 들어갔는지 궁금합니다~ 저런 포스팅들이 몇 개 몇 개 보이네요.

This sounds great and I'm interested in submitting something if I can find the time. Thank you @lovenfreedom for telling me about it! So my question to @artisteem is whether or not acrylic paint is allowed. Forgive me that I don't understand the paint list better.


Materials may vary for each contest, but the quality of the work is more important. So, don't feel burdened with your past work and show them what you're doing. Thank you.