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Good morning. Steam It family in Korea! Yesterday, I met with Korean businessmen who are active in Japan, who are working hard and working hard.

I participated in a community event in Japan called K-Meetup for the first time. It was a very exciting event for me to see people who are pioneering their own lives nicely. I did not know how much time I had been able to enjoy the presentations.

This August meetup of K meetup was the subject of "Tonight is sloppy". I do not know if it will sound a little bit negative, but it's a bit of a "posture to see the world at different angles." It's a precious time to share your own values ​​and perspectives .

I think that there are many people working in Japan who are looking at the world from their own point of view and making various lives including work.

In addition to the company's work, I have looked at the world with my own unique angle through various other things and it was really cool among those who challenge various things.

After that, it was time for networking with participants and meeting various people. So let me briefly introduce the subdivisions we participated in.

Engagement panel

Hwang Sang Pil
Sojitz Trading Co., Mineral Minerals Trader (Ceramic raw material)
From courts, casinos, uninhabited islands, classrooms, gyms, exhibitions, and research firms to everything from ramen to missiles to bosses that sell and buy. I am going to go to five countries and try to challenge bigger dreams in the future.
After a lot of experience in the Philippines, I was very impressed with how fast, enthusiastic and active my decision was when I decided to become a boss who worked at a Japanese boss after going through a university in Hong Kong.

Yahoo Japan, Interaction Designer
UI / UX design and design management centered on BtoB system and advertisement related system. He currently teaches information design at project manager and Musashino Art University in local service.
I'm a hobby designer, too. I was very impressed with the presentation of the simple design and the contents that there was a unique atmosphere that a designer needs. It was a time that I could share my own design concept.

Kim Soohyun
Google Japan, Hardware Partnership Associates
It's a job of analyzing data and analyzing how Google hardware sells in the Japanese market and how to sell it. And singing, dancing and acting on stage and interpreting in Korea and Japan
It was the 100th day that I joined Google Japan yesterday. I am working in the area of ​​selling / marketing Google hardware. It was quite impressive to work hard not only on the job but also on the musical and the organization called Korean Woman Movement.

In conclusion, it was a meaningful time for young people to feel the energy, the flexibility of their thinking, and some sense of crisis (to live harder). I think the world sometimes needs to live a bit sluggish, but what about you?

I would like to try harder today with a new perspective.

world steemians.

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