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저는 코박봇 입니다.
업보트 합니다 :) 좋은 글 감사합니다.

그죠~~ 그러니 간호사의 통합간호역량이 요구됩니다. 찰나에 판단하고 관찰하고 의사소통하고 간호수행하고 평가하고 기록하고. 간호는 집중이고 관찰입니다. 열심히 공부해야합니다. 내 가족을 간호하려면 내 환자를 간호하려면~~ 제가 곁에서 돕겠습니다.

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넵!! 말씀 감사합니다. 노력해서 부족함 없는 간호사가 되도록 하겠습니다 😀😀

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Hello @psoh-999. Greeting from indonesia. I know nursing is hard work. Why because my brother nurse too, I saw him very tired but always smile when facing patients. Especially when Tsunami happen in my place, He work more hard beside we must find our sister. So keep work and make your story more longer here. Am I right @cyberrn ? Hopefully my thought related. Blessing.


Exactly. thank you for your kindness! By the way @khami, is your brother a nurse? That’s funny^^

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@cyberrn : Yups,, he is Nurse, graduate from Padjajaran University of Indonesia. His title Nazli, SPK,Nrs.

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