WTF just happened on Kraken?

2년 전


Last price of Bitcoin at €67666584401241.7?
High at €79716528154224.8?


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I believe its a system glitch. If anybody sells at that price IMF will come after such. lol

wow that's a trip.
I never seen nothing like that before.

Wow your heart must've jump for a second hahaha

try to click sell :D


Now that'd be fun. ;)

its just a glimpse of the future ;)

Historical, Interesting time. Know what will happen next?

happened with me too earlier and it was some web page issue hahha

Wow a best time to sell :D You will be a millionaire in seconds :D


that much hike wow

wow high rate and perfect time for sale..

OMG if i sold at that time i could be the zillionaire by now ;p

Man a point makes that much of a difference lol

if this happens again and again i am going to sell everything

Whattt Really ???

Wow a best time to sell........

@gamer00 - Sir, did you sell them at that price? I think you must :)

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]


Must have been a glitch. None of my sell orders for billions (or even millions) were touched. ;)

It happened again: