I adulted: The tale of I had an opinion and I kept it to myself

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Situation 1

Setting: The School

For about the zillionith time today I heard a mom say "Put your coat on before we get outside, I don't want you to get sick".

I responded with.....well nothing. "What I wanted to say was, it is impossible to get sick from being cold. Did you know we could hose your kid down with water and shove him outside in his underwear and he still wouldn't get sick". Unless of course he came into contact with a virus. Being cold does seem to impact our immune systems, but most studies I've read seem to indicate that it actually raises the bodies ability to fight viruses. Fact: Viruses make you sick. There are places around the world that actually have the kids strip down to their undergarments and play in the snow as part of recess at school. Redirecting back to the point of this rant, I said nothing because, get this, it's none of my fucking business, so long as she wasn't neglecting or abusing the kid in front of me (or I saw blatantly obvious signs of such previous behavior), it isn't my place to correct her incorrect statement or judge the way she is choosing to parent.This wouldn't be helpful or kind to her, in fact she would probably find it quite rude. I don't want to be rude or unkind, that simply isn't who I am, so I smiled and bid her farewell.

Situation 2

Setting: The Interwebs

Chickenpox Outbreak - Quick Everyone Panic

Joe Whothefuckcares, Jane imsomadprovax, Susan Lividantivax, and 586 others reacted to this....750 comments. Of course I just had to read those comments. I started reading comments and getting all mad. So I started typing out a well thought out yet highly emotion driven response of my own, and then it occurred to me that I had just wasted 15 minutes of my life and caused myself unneeded stress. The truth is Joe, Jane, Susan and 586 other don't give any fucks, I am not going to change their standpoint and they will not change mine. Sure, I would get all sorts of hearts and madfaces on my comment, and return comments about how you don't agree with me, so you are either A. stupid, B. a conspiracy nut or C. Just umm uhh fuck you. Instead I shut the article and just did nothing. Not responding, was also empowering.

I don't always do this.

I should mind my own business more often, and judge less. Fact is many times when I don't, it doesn't do anyone any good and I end up worked up over something that didn't concern me in the first place.


The above quote is from Facebook, I wish I knew who wrote it because it is 200% accurate. I need to learn to scroll past things or simply ignore things that don't concern me, I am sure many of you need to also. What if we approached all situations as though we were face to face with one another, and treated everyone with the respect and kindness we expect to receive.

Be kind.....then ask questions. -I said that

You don't need to attend every argument you are invited to. - someone on the interwebs (unknown)

You also surely don't need to argue yourself into arguments you weren't invited to, I am guilty of doing both these, and in the end I always feel like shit.

I went a bit into "hulk Krista" a couple days ago, some of you witnessed it and some of you have no idea what I'm referring to. I got mean, it happens. I can only try to be a bit more mindful of how I am treating people next time, while still remaining authentically me. Forever a work in progress.

All the Love-


You can read about the cold weather myth here or just Google it.

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Its been a really nice day out here in Green Bay. Im out side with no shirt on doing some yard work and catching some of the 🌞 rays to up the vitamin D.

lol, true thing is that it has, many people insults people, elderly and don't care they deserve some heavy blows lols

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