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Great advice @joanstewart. I think Kryptonia is a wonderful platform from a point of view that we are now connecting with even more people now, unbeknown to us before, and building an even larger community. (claudiaz)


People make a community, keeping harmony, working together toward an end goal.

Where members forget to respect each other in working together, we are all wishing to obtain a little more financially, community become disgruntled with disingenuous members.

This is a worrying fact, no matter where you share, there is always a few who tend to learn toward abusing.

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Your words re very meaningful and very informative. I love your writing skills and the clarification about steemit and kryptonia.


I hope this type of content will help anyone in doubt, if struggling, it is preferable to ask questions for direction. Thanks for visiting @peterecheng


Yeah, very well...thank you

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you are good when it comes to writing, please keep it up, I have upvoted and resteem your post


Thanks for your kind words @grace234

Hmmm I like it, thanks for the post. @jamescrusader


Great explanation @joanstewart. I think everyone on Steemit should be on Kryptonia!

Found your post this time via #steemitbloggers. It does get confusing between all the lines that connect us...


Agree with @kryptonia being great, find your posts here there and everywhere as well, makes life interesting @reonlouw supporting communities, meeting folk from around the world.

Thanks for all the great information Joan!


Your visit and support is always appreciated Roger.

I feel both good and bad about being fair on social media platforms as I've experienced both sides from here.

@kryptonia id: ashikstd


It is the manner in which we decide to treat each other, yes always two sides to every coin @ushnorahman

I think that engagement is not really something that we can expect from social media crowd. It is a place of self centered personalities so I never bother to engage so eagerly. I think we are just asking for too much.


2008 to around 2013 chatting and responding to each other was popular, I noticed a huge change from 2012 forward to current where content could be loaded, automatically feeding into social media platforms.

Some pre-load for smooth fresh content transition, feeding platforms is not a bad idea, however one does need to remember to visit, respond to comments before it is completely evident the account is automated, why would people visit if you are never present?

I agree. kryotnia and steemit is a good pair to maximize the reach of good post / information and help each other.


Have been meeting so many interesting new people on both @tharkathanas thanks for visiting.

I like Kryptonia a lot and it's helping my Steemit posts immensely. I agree that some make it a little bit difficult to claim the task rewards with the stipulations. Getting unjustly revoked isn't fun


Watch what requirements are requested before doing a task, having been revoked right in the beginning I have become super cautious to only do tasks that I am happy to complete all the way through.


I actually completed the task but I accidentally exited before posting a screenshot of it and couldn't get back to the task of course. It was an honest mistake and the task creator didn't respond after I found a way to respond with what was required. Hit my reputation score. It's a lesson learned but it still bites a little. Very careful now. There should be a way to repeal a revoke if you're not trying to scam

Great post Joan. I upvoted and retweeted.


Thanks for helping make @kryptonia a great place to be Colin @sydesjokes

What you say is good advice. I do find a problem however when I see a group of people out to eat and they are all on the phone talking to someone and ignoring the people at the table. I think this is a big problem. From Kryptonia @richard78624


Agree with what you are saying @richard78624 what can be so important on a phone when out with good company. Technology is here to assist us, not interfere in our lives.

Nice blog post.
Kryptonia ID: @mahathirohi

Lovely post upvoted and resteemed from kryptonia@everdope.....

Great post, as I believe, social media is the act of being 'social' through media, and being social in the form of interacting with others, unfortunately, many people just want their voice to be heard and not as we say to our 6 year old have their 'listening ears' on. It is afterall a 2 way street.


Town Crier eventually is ignored, which takes us back to the Push Marketing/Pull Marketing concept today, content referred to here

@joanstewart best idea is to stay original Lady Joan. Sadly people will always copy, but I rather view it as leading the way, but I have to say that it still bugs me a bit, as all they had to do was ask. Selah!


Since being online the first warning about plagiarism was loud and clear, yes many just take it for granted that any photography on the web if fair game for use.

nice post my friends @joseleonardojose

Good publication, we must take into account all these factors when working in Steemit and Kryptonia
@rocaxel ID Kryptonia

I think this is the great way to expand your followers and community. Always nice to be rewarded for your job and effort. Would be great to see more people aside from steemit, but i believe it will be used in future for lot more tasks.


Sharing from Steemit into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn depending on content is available, sharing further into other communities, well worth the extra minute spent using them @psyceratopsb

This is true steemit and Kryptonia is working for each other

I needed to Reestem this because I think it will help too many people! Thanks a lot for the good content. Kryptonia ID: Acosta


Appreciate you positive feedback @acostajd

Kryptonia is really working for me. It gives me upvote and at the same time sup coins.

Thanks for publishing this valuable resource - very helpful.
upvoted Kryptonia @deathly_horror