Allen Bailochan Tuladhar Known As Nepali Bill Gates

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Allen Bailochan Tuladhar is the CEO of Unlimited Technology (P) Ltd; a 25-year old technology company that hosts Microsoft Innovation Center in Nepal. He has also served in the High Level Commission for Information Technology, chaired by the Prime Minister of Nepal, General Secretary of Computer Association of Nepal and a member of SAARC Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Tuladhar has also driven partnerships with various development sector organizations, such as UNICEF, UNDP, WWF, WFP and UNDP to promote technology, entrepreneurship and youth mobilization. He is also Microsoft Regional Director, bringing about digital transformation with the adoption of emerging technologies such as, the cloud and mobile.

Tuladhar returned to Nepal in 1992 from USA with a hope to revolutionize the country’s IT sector. After returning to Nepal he had done a numbers of great jobs. Firstly he developed Typeshala- a software for users to type in Nepali- entitled as ‘Asiddhi’ after his friend Alok Siddhi and similarly he and his team a computerized system at The Rising Nepal—the first of its kind. Tuladhar has faced a lot of ups and down from the beginning of his career to till date. He tackled all those ups and downs by following five different principles “Panch Gyan” that includes focus, innovation, collaboration, hard work and perseverance. From the very early days Tuladhar believes in an innovation and doing things differently.

“People call me Nepali Bill gates but I have nothing similar with him, I don’t even wear glasses “, he says. Tuladhar met Bill Gates on India for the first time, during a meeting Gates asked: “What can I do t help Nepal?” Tuladhar replied there is a language barrier. We need to find a way around it to help people.” And since then Microsoft Nepal has been helping over 100 schools by providing computers and bridging the gap between language, and education.

Back then when Tuladhar was general secretary of Computer Association of Nepal, the first ever CAN Infotech was organized, which is now the largest technology fest of Nepal. Tuladhar himself admits that the first edition of CAN went totally worst. He learned a great lesson from that event and started working harder. Today the CAN is the most awaited technological fair for entire nation.

The story of Tuladhar inspires youths of the nation, encourages to work hard and teaches to believe in own self.

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Excelente trabajo, en los jóvenes esta el futuro de una nación, invertir en ellos es garantizar el bienestar de todos, id kryptonia @reyos69