Check the new Kryptonia Membership Upgrades

2년 전

1. If you don't have a Kryptonia account yet register for one now before proceeding

2. Login to and click the menu option at top right of page


3. Click the Upgrade option


4. Membership Upgrade options

5. You will see your commissions under Bank --> History --> Membership Earnings

6. You withdraw your earnings under Bank --> Wallet -> Membership

7. You withdraw commissions using the "Payout Request Form"

Note: Withdrawal as USD to PayPal is currently available and BTC will be enabled shortly.

8. If you have any questions about the Membership Upgrades ask in the Kryptonia Discord Channel not by replying to this post

9. If you have any issues with Kryptonia or Membership commissions send e.mail to as I will not answer them here

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