Pulot Panggang Aceh Mendunia. (Delicious Of Pulot Aceh)

3년 전

Aceh merupakan salah satu daerah yang memiliki banyak makanan khas, jika kamu berkunjung ke aceh kamu akan sangat Banyak menemukan makanan-makanan khas aceh yang sangat lezat untuk anda nikmati saat kamu berada di Aceh. Nah salah satu makanan di aceh yang sudah ada dari zaman dulu yaitu pulot panggang.


Bermacam aneka makanan khas Aceh biasanya di jual di tempat penjual jajanan. Selain pulot khas aceh ini juga menjadi salah satu makanan di pagi hari yang biasanya di nikmati bersamaan dengan kopi pagi.

Aceh is one of the regions that has many special foods, if you visit Aceh a lot you will find many delicious foods that are delicious for you to enjoy while you are in Aceh. Well one of the foods in Aceh that has been there from ancient times that is roasted pulot.


Various typical Aceh foods are usually sold in place of street vendors. In addition to this typical pulp aceh also become one of the food in the morning that is usually enjoyed in conjunction with morning coffee.

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