I See Your Label Showing. Are You an Individual By Chance ?


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Not For People.

Society has slowly become one of sorting people instead of getting to know them. I have been messing with people's minds on this topic for decades and, though I love doing it, labels must stop.

In any conversation, people will usually tell you what labels they are, which is strange. Why would humans do that to themselves? I'm a conservative, liberal, truther, right-winger, left-winger, democrat, or republican. Most are opposing opinions which have been imposed on us in some cases, made up by someone in other cases. We are in one "school of thought" or another. Think about that. Is this a natural behavior or a teaching? I do not like having been schooled on what to think!

The truth is that you cannot be a label. Not physically anyway unless you donate your organs to a paper mill. Some of you just sorted me into a box that says 'truther'. Prove to me that you are sticky on one side, made of paper, not a person, and I will take it all back.

In a conversation with me, labels seem to confuse me as they come up. "What do you mean by that?" I ask as I hear each label. I refuse to assume that this person is identical to the last few people who used the same label about themselves. If you must sort me, please use a sentence.

He is someone who treats a person as an individual based on their wide range of strongly held opinions on a diverse range of issues that impact their own life as well as our complex world.

If your ability to form sentences is limited, call me an "individualist" or a "non-labeler".

When speaking, I will gladly tell people about myself and how I feel. If I hear labels bounding off of me as they listen, I quickly interject and oppose the category they are assigning to me. I accept immutable attributes, but there usually is no call for those to come up in a conversation.

Labels have been exacerbated by governments and groups of people which create them. Sadly, this is done in order to categorize humans into one group or the other opposing group so that they rage against one another. When a society intensifies this practice, it usually leads to racism, and in some cases, genocide against one kind of person or another kind of person, though the word "person" is never used. Just one slur after another.

insults link

This blog is not about insults. I am talking about filing people according established opinion titles, or labels. There are no so many of them, I have lost track of what some mean. Choosing to ignore all those labels, treating people as individuals, may have been part to blame. My ignorance has caused me to unintentionally care for, comment on, vote for, donate to, or otherwise love both whites and blacks, Russians and Mexicans, republicans and democrats, Palestinians and Jews, conservatives and liberals, flat-earthers, round-earthers, triangle-earthers, hollow-earthers, and other venomous enemy counterparts all over the world.

Result: Common ground here and there.

Ignorance is Bliss

I am @done with all such labels

Could more of us be so ignorant?

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Suena como un arma de dos filos.

El sistemas nos enseña y nos da ejemplo de como hacerlo, creo que somos buenos aprendices y ejemplo para ser una especie de etiquetados es.

¿Hay un precio para dejar de serlo?

Creo que si y estoy dispuesto a pagarlo.

Creo que toda la vida no nos alcanzaría para pagarlo. Pero si individualmente nos desetiquetamos no sólo podemos ver cosas nuevas, podemos contagiar a otros. ESO SÍ ME GUSTA.


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Usted no publica mucho pero cuando lo hace es certero con el tema, el sistema lo que busca es mantener a algunos pocos en un lugar de prestigio y el precio es que el resto sea denigrado. Esa es la razón del etiquetado un sistema creado por los poderosos para mantenerse en el poder. Su mensaje es un golpe duro a los pensamientos racistas discriminantes! 👏👏👏

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The rich and powerful who chose to keep others in desperation will one day be in desperation. Together, we are stronger than they are

Discrimination is good. If you go to buy fish and it smells bad, look for one that appears to be fresh and has no rotten smell. The rotten fish will not feel bad about your discrimination, it is already dead.

Racism is good. If I see a tiger lunging to attack a man, woman or child, I will discriminate against the Tiger, right between the eyes. I am all for the human race.

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Of course, we the oppressed are the majority. With regard to the approaches that you have made it is good to highlight that a rotten fish is an individual signaling, the same happens in the case of the tiger, both are judged by their current state individually, if after killing the first tiger you end up with the others by the actions of the first that would be wrong. I believe the same principle should apply to any living being, we should all pay for our own actions no matter where we come from or who our parents are, but not be judged by our race. Whether you see a man killing tiger cubs, or adult tigers to sell their furs, or men killing elephants to take their tusks to what race they would help? it's not a matter of race but of acts. At least that's how I see things!


A simple and very deep true, @done... Only a race: human race ♥

@done good words you are a good writer not all people know how to express themselves in that way I congratulate you

@done, Evidentemente el Mundo te presenta varias opciones de pensar, las etiquetas discriminan la accion de vida del ser humano, pero tambien te permite ver la objetividad y sujetividad de cada quien, lo que a mi juicio es mas importante que se nos respete las ideas ya que desde esta plataforma el mundo entraria en una fase de civilizacion. Me agrado leerte Dios te Bendiga

Hi @done I find it very interesting that you write on this subject "labels", the stiquets only serve to place people in categories, without assessing what is really important, their being, their potential, their ideas, nor do I agree with being taught to think about one way or another, we are not really free, we are conditioned under governments, religions, policies that tell us how we should be and what we should think, it seems absurd. Good topic of conversation friend, greetings.

I think that the labels will never cease to exist.
It is in people to believe in them accept them or put them aside.
It is always important to be clear that one is what the most important person for me says what I am. And ignore other people.

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I like your free thought. We should all have that ability to reason and do what we want. I think that the blockchain system could be oriented further and generate less differences between us as humans. In this way we could have a better world.

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Blockchain is nothing without the decentralized database, but all in all, I agree with you.


She is very right, we need more thoughts like yours but also much more action to do the correct.
Now it is true that Blockchain is nothing without the database. But the database is nothing without the people who make it.

Since we entered the school the system is starting to catalog and label us, you are the nerd, you are gross, etc, then when we grow up they put us in more general groups you just commented, they classify us by skin color, by religion, by politics, this is a post that makes us think

You have interesting points of view. It is very good to run into people (in this case publications) full of topics that nobody dares to touch.

I have seen how, on occasions, these types of opinions are very attacked by different points of view. Personally, I think these are the issues that make us value a better reflection of society, since finally, we realize that there are people who care about what is wrong, and should be reflected. As you have done.

Labels, something that should not exist, for people. People are what they are, according to their personality, they are not a generalizable object because they belong to an ethnic group, religion, or different ideals.

I thought that we must first read the book before judging or in this case "tag it", many times we close ourselves to meet people because we cling to beliefs that do not allow us to see beyond, I think we all have something to contribute; besides, many times those "labels" damage the reputation of many, for example; I am Venezuelan and as there are good Venezuelans there are bad, just like all people and in all nationalities, due to the great emigration it has been seen that many bad Venezuelans have gone to countries in Latin America and the world fleeing the crisis, these have been found stealing and doing bad things, but the point is that not all Venezuelans are like that, many of us are honest, hardworking and we only want to improve our quality of life, I think the world should not label everything because it often damages the reputation of others who have nothing to do with it.

Soy docente de a nivel de media general, que en mi país corresponde a los muchachos entre 13 a 16-17 años máximo. En ese ambiente he visto como estas etiquetas marcan significativamente a estos muchachos, etiquetaas tales como: mala conducta, los nerds, los flojos etc y los mismos coordinadores teniendo organizad así distribuyen las secciones. Pienso que no dejaran de existir pero nosotros si podemos aprender a usarlas constructivamente resaltando aspectos positivos o recalcando lo que queremos lograr en ellos. Buen post.

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There were groups in my high school days too. Some are related to activities like sports, others based on looks or race which are only used for cruelty and bullying. If you are a leader, encourage individual nick-names (apodos?) for each person but ask if they would feel bad having (x) for a nick-name.

I have seen this work as a way to keep kids individual without creating groups that become gangs, and even make war against each other. Where did I see it? In a very rough public school. Someone I mentor attends there and is a respected leader. The choice of his peers.

Although I liked its publication very much @done, I think the most important part is to reason and be totally empathic with the situation in which the most identified people live, such as racism or classism, which makes them feel so repressed or persecuted and before the occurrence of so many suicides. For example, today so much controversy with "bullying".

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On-line bullying would not exist if it were not for derogatory labels. Avoiding those labels was my intention because bullying was not the subject, however important. Racism was not the subject either. I believe each should be addressed and discussed one at a time because the mentality of each is of a completely different nature.

The idea of my post was to make people think before they group together as ideological clones.

When the other side calls all mustard-lovers slobs. Then comes the chant that the ketchup lovers should be strung up. I say, "take it one on one and have empathy" as you mentioned. Talk and find common ground where it exists, then take what you found back to the group and bring logical debate in a calm atmosphere.


I understand your point, however I believe that in any context labels are labels. I follow you, and therefore I will be aware of your topics separately. A greeting!

Saludos @done. Me hiciste acordar al cantante calle 13, una de sus canciones dice así: "Yo no soy comunista, socialista ni capitalista
Creo en inventar algo nuevo, mejor dí que soy idealista
Creo la igualdad de oportunidades infinitas
Creo que la educación, salud y comida deberían ser gratuitas
Creo que el trabaja más que el otro merece ganar más
Pero también creo en compartir lo que tengo con los demás
Nos encontramos en una sociedad clasificadora, en donde las personas que piensan diferente son excluidas y cuestionadas solo porque no piensan igual al resto. Muy sabias tus palabras. Un gusto leerte.

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admirable writing, you should write more often. It's very nice to read you,
You're right, we live in a tagged world, that's how they want us.
I commented to you I am 50 years old, I have worked all my life under a dependency relationship, four years ago I live from what I generate on the web, the day I said is enough to impositions and I began to propose changes, to think it was the moment I stopped serving To the system.
Today I live happy, relaxed in that aspect.
I wish you a prosperous week

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you are very gentle I appreciate your response
I wish you a great day

Me gusta mucho su forma de pensar, a la final todos somos personas sin importar la etiqueta que quieran darnos todos estamos hechos de lo mismo y cada persona es responsable de sus actos de forma individual!


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Postings that are very touching the day of how life is today are many conflicts between the government and radical groups that are trying to fight the government in their respective countries

Las etiquetas hacen que una persona sea juzgada por las acciones de otra si ambos son etiquetados para el mismo grupo. Si una persona de un color x o una nacionalidad hace algo muy malo a alguien que usa etiquetas entonces otros que no tienen nada que ver con el asunto pagan las consecuencias, para ser más preciso me permito citar el caso de los venezolanos que fueron desalojados de un refugio en Brasil porque alguien robó a un comerciante. Creo que dada persona es diferente y debe ser vista por sus propias acciones, todos seremos juzgados de forma individual tal como dices! Que Dios le bendiga mucho!

You are just who you are, and I am who I am, no need for labels at all. All of us no need for label except when we die then the label will be "the corpse". I would reject it as well if I can speak LOL. but most people will be so happy to be attached with good labels. but labels can lead a miss judgement of thing, that work perfectly for marketing thing or self-selling point. Perhaps, those who want some labels are attached on are thinking about selling them self @done. Have a great day

Es lamentable que el mundo este lleno de personas que viven etiquetando a los demas, es un problema social grave, se debe respetar a los demas, el mundo sería mejor si no existieran estas etiquetas.

@done yo supongo que las etiquetas nos permiten un orden por eso las usamos para poder encontrarnos a los que tenemos temas afines. Puede ser que sea discriminatorio, separatista, pero tambien te da cierto orden.

@done I suppose that the labels allow us an order that is why we use them to be able to find those who have similar themes. It may be discriminatory, separatist, but it also gives you some order.


Gracias @done muy amable

Hi @done. All your words are impressive. It is unfortunate that they make us a mold of the ways of thinking, it is sad when we do not question, when we do not know why we act in certain ways. It is very pleasant to read your words. Each phrase is full of many truths, I also have enough ignorance.

I would like there to be more people with the capacity to question.

very good post @ done you are right about those labels of how they treat people who are individuals because we are not noticing how we treat that poor people

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La gente que vive etiquetando a los demás jamás son felices; son víctimas de su propio sistema clasificador de personas ya que nunca logran "encasillarse". Muy buen post amigo cetáceo.

The need to belong in some sort of group stems from our own insecurities. The less educated or informed an individual is, the more they need to feel 'accepted' by society.

That said, and since this sort of attitude seems to be the norm nowadays, I take it as a compliment when somebody tells me they think I'm crazy.

Have a good day!

Labels are everywhere but quality is nowhere

Hi @done, everything you think is one of the triggers for everyone to have to try and maybe not everyone will care to keep looking right and left every time. why this has to happen and not everyone has to look at the population, religion and even what they are. this is a good inspiration and everyone will read and understand it more thoroughly.

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i have many guns and they do all have triggers. People should not.

Even so, I realize that people are sensitive to certain expressed opinions. When I do engage in a conversation, I respect the person's opinion. I cannot remember the last time someone was "triggered" by something I said. Maybe some do have strong opposing thoughts but suppress them, but I cannot be sure of it.


Yes, I like positive thinking from you and this is a thought that can be remembered by many people out there. I am happy when I have to speak to a good person like you @done and hopefully I can see about you the next day. I hope you stay healthy and still provide good motivation for the people around you.

Maybe the opportunity will come when all people want to be friends, do not have to compete, blame and not even the bad attitude that is always put forward. we are all the same and do not have to distinguish from each other. greetings @done

No es necesario ser ignorante, muchas veces nos auto-flagelamos . Por que lo digo. Las etiquetas existen desde siempre y una forma era que las personas se auto etiquetan, solo para caer bien a otro, las personas no entienden que: no hay que rendir pleitesía a otro solo para ser aceptado por ese persona, es lamentable eso y de una u otra forma repito a veces somos nosotros los que permitimos eso, tienes razón en lo que planteas, no es justo ser etiquetado. Bajo ningún concepto.

How true in your words, I think that people who label others is to feel that they are "popular"

Greetings @done, I agree with what you pose in your reflection, and particularly I know that I am far from perfect, but throughout my life I have tried not to get carried away by the labels and prejudices imposed by society, for me there are no distinctions regardless of race, social status, religion they profess, or political tendencies, to name some of the labels with which it is customary to mark people. I believe that we should always try to maintain an objective position, although, I am clear that such thing as absolute objectivity does not exist, because our procedures will always be influenced by subjective aspects, contributed by our mental structures, but we must, make ourselves conscious that day to day we face the diversity of criteria, and different perspective of reality, and that can not affect in any way the criterion of perceiving our peers, sometimes it is difficult, because some people, are more complicated than others, but in the As far as possible, framed in what our imperfect humanity allows us we must be fair to our neighbor.

He leído tu publicación y es muy interesante, he leído los comentarios y también me parecieron interesantes.

Creo que la palabra "Individuo" es inclusiva, no solo se refiere a una persona, hablamos una personas "ÚNICAS".

Como escuché por allí: No somos una fabrica de galletitas.
No podemos referirnos a todos con prejuicio (Sea bueno o malo), deseamos manifestar la individualidad de pensamientos en un sistema que lucha contra ello.

Podríamos decir que somos etiquetados como antisistema o algo así

Por nuestro pensamiento o nuestro accionar, aún así manifestarnos y actuamos contra este paradigma aunque cueste.

That's really great

Hola @done , Me pareció realmente interesante esta publicación e inclusive muy acertada para la sociedad en la que estamos, ya que en esta todo, realmente todo se maneja con etiquetas sociales llegando a discriminar a gente por sus gustos, su aspecto o su simple manera de pensar, y estaria bueno hacer algo en contra, una buena campaña que se promueva. Me parece excelente tu post, saludos.

Etiquetarse creo que es bueno solo para clasificarse o llevar un orden, pero ya cuando se usa de modo despectivo deja de ser atractivo, en la biblia la palabra nos dice que el evangelio es para todos tanto para los Judíos como los Gentiles sin etiquetar a ninguno como peor o mejores, pienso que lo que debe imponerse es el amor, soy Venezolano y nuestro país se dividió por esta misma razón los etiquetados Chavistas y no chavistas esto lo que finalmente trajo fue el odio y división. Saludos excelente tema, Gracias por compartirlo.

From the moment we are born we are labeled, as time passes, we receive new labels depending on our origin, skin color, religious beliefs, political thinking, among other labels. Finally, we label ourselves and label others according to our beliefs and prejudices.

To think of a world without labels is the desirable thing, nevertheless, to reach it is a utopia.

Greetings @done

Browsing comes to your blog and the theme of labels is very interesting. It can be said that labels help us to classify reality, whether they are people, objects or situations. We catalog the world around us to have the perception that there is a certain order and stability in it and so we can make an outline of how it works without having to perform a constant deep analysis: "you are such", "that person is what", "It has to be because it's like that." @done

Interesting post my friend, it is important to deal with this topic.

Existen personas que les dificulta llamar a otros por su nombre, en Venezuela vivimos en esa discordia, sobre todo en la politica, tan fuerte como el racismo en los 80 y 90, no aprendemos a señalarnos como personas con cualidades propias (ideas) y con identidad natural (forma de ser). le sigo.

Hay personas que etiquetan a los demás para ser centro de atención, pero no se ponen a pensar que tan mal pueden estar ellos. Buen post.

I am of the opinion that basically all people have goodness in themselves, but because of selfishness from seeing, it creates a feeling of dislike for others, for example in a government

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Hay que tener criterio propio y no dejarse llevar por opiniones y etiquetas, trata de ser una persona humilde de corazón así tengas los mil y un títulos de instrucción, entre mas preparado seas debe prevalecer en ti la humildad.

An interesting point in your message @done, sometimes just to fit well with the people who label us, others that we can judge prematurely, it must be different because, we are more than labels, this is how it should be.

Ignorance is Bliss
I loved this sentence detonating thanks for sharing.

hola amigo un placer conocerte, y mas con un tema tan importante como lo es este que acabas de publicar, el mundo en el que vivimos es un mundo etiquetador y cuando me refiero al mundo, hablo de las personas que en el viven, todo se clasifica o etiqueta, la primera etiqueta que utilizamos en nuestra sociedad es la etiqueta de la posición, dime de qué tamaño es tu cartera y te diré dónde vas, si vas a un show musical las personas con mayores recursos económicos, pagan costosas entradas para obtener los mejores lugares, lo llamamos (VIP), mientras que las personas de escasos recursos les toca verlos desde muy lejos y el problema viene al momento de llegar al sitio donde se celebrará el show, pues la etiqueta entra en acción, los (VIP) entran por puertas diferentes y colocan cercas para alejar a las personas que no son de esa categoría. pero que los hace diferentes ? tu crees que el dinero hace a las personas diferentes de otras ?, pues yo creo que no, todos somo iguales. Es un tema que tiene mucho de qué hablar y te quiero decir querido amigo que eres una excelente persona, creo que ese es el principal mandamiento de Dios ama a las personas como a ti mismo, una gran abrazo y excelente tema.

text (2).gif

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hello friend a great greeting, a very interesting topic, really human beings consciously or unconsciously, we live in a labeling society, for one reason or another we categorize everything around our life, from the social position to the simple cereal that we eat, that it also includes the social labels, which are the most destructive, we are dedicated to labeling everything, with the aim of giving it a position within the social circle that surrounds us, for me it is more than another label that we place ourselves, the whole world revolves around it, what I think is that it is totally repulsive, because the real reason is that we are all equal, if we cut off any part of the body we will all bleed red. Go that if we are ignorant, I think we all know something, which makes us indisputably ignorant I think that is what gives us the true meaning of life, in particular I treat all people equally, we live in a world dominated by laws of nature, and one of them and the most important is the law of attraction, if you despise a person for any distinction or characteristic feature, that kind of people will follow you, in return if we love all people equally sure to your life will come friendly people who will make your days blessed, I liked your publication I follow you from now, not to racism and labels to classify people and to a fair world.

fher solo (1).gif

Many parties oppose their government who lead cruelly, affix, rape, or even kidnap many people.
Because of this many groups want to stop their actions in order to become a good republic in the eyes of the world

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Hiii @done you are great writer, your this post is brilliantly written and has much influence and message for others. I already impressed from your generous support to other. And back in 7 months i always think that why you not wrote a post and now when i saw your post its much impressive. Good work and stay blessed.

Hola @done saludos, pasándome por aquí.


la sociedad

Ella es la que se encangar de tachar al seres que conviven en un mismo ámbito, pero no por ello debemos senghirnos aflijidos no, nada de eso.

Debemos de hacer lo que queramos cuando queramos y en el momento que queramos

Hagmos las cosas bien o mal siempre pero siempre nos tacharan con alguna etiqueta que no va con nosotros pero esto es lo que forma parte de nuestro ámbito social
Forma parte de esta vida que llevamos
Un gran saludo @done

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If done we need a lot of that ignorance that produces happiness, and makes us love all alike, excellent post

Wow that great spirit of my friend, very agree with you, the company strives, for personal interests in classifying everyone on the side that best suits you to dominate mass and all those, but good when as you say without seeing races, creeds , social origin, we give ourselves to help and love everyone equally, this is the label if you can say, a label that is not label, a world without barriers and walls. God bless you @done

Lamentablemente vivimos en un mundo, en el que sin hacer nada somos etiquetados, es por eso que debemos vivir a lo grande y sin pararle al que diran, solo Dios puede jusgarnos,saludos.

Very important what you say @done since we as individuals do not think if we offend or are hurting other people because unfortunately for the eyes of God we are all the same, and that we are not seeing or taking into account when putting a label or a word, always
we react at the end when the evil is done, and the word says we are all brothers, thank you for sharing greetings.


No etiquetes a nadie si no deseas ser etiquetado. Así de simple.

Bello artículo.

Buenos día. Excelente post muy buena información gracias por compartirla. Saludos desde Venezuela te invito a visitar mi blog hasta luego

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Hola @done

Disculpa que te responda en español pero no quiero que por mi mal inglés se entienda algo que no quiero decir.

Creo que todas las personas les fascina ser etiquetados con términos buenos. Por ejemplo: amable, conversador,sociable, responsable, altruista, filantropo, etc. Pero no les gusta las etiquetas cuando son malas, como molesto, antipático, irresponsable, egoista, etc. Y la verdad es que son etiquetas que describen de alguna forma, la mayoría de las acciones que podemos ver de esa persona.

Distinto a las etiquetas Sociales, negro y blancos, religiosos y ateos, ricos y pobres, etc. En total desacuerdo con ellas.

Personalmente no estoy 100% en desacuerdo con las etiquetas, por como lo dije, siempre y cuando sean de acuerdo a nuestras verdaderas acciones. Pero lo más importante sería es la etiqueta "Integridad". Hablando de etiquetas, sería que la etiqueta que nos describe, lo haga aún cuando nadie nos este mirando.
Saludos, y perdona lo extenso del comentario. Un abrazo

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Hay personas que etiquetan a otras sin conocer su esencia, su personalidad.

It’s a never ending problem honestly , society labels everything from nature to creature . To me it seems like we destroy humanity that way . Some people take labels more seriously than others , to me , being labeled at something I’m not gets to me

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The posts you made for me are very interested in @done, and I want to share them with your posts and if I don't forget I also always want to visit your blog @done .💐💐💐

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Good post @done ,,begitu saya lihat postingan anda saya langsung tertarik dan saya suka dengan postingan ini dan saya ingin membagikanya

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@done beautiful posts, I would love to share your post and I really like your post @done

Postigan yang sangat bagus semoga sukses berkarya di aplikasi ini saya akan membagi blog @done

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Post you are good and beautiful i am interested in your post i will share your blog. good luck working in this application bang @done

Saya kagum dengan postingan nya @done dan saya sangat tertarik dengan penjelasan di postingan anda

A post that teaches a very important understanding I really like your post thank you @done

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I like you, you are great at making posts,

Very good posts @done, I like your posts and I want to share your posts and follow you @done ... thank you .... 👍👍

Hello @done, your position is very interesting and in my opinion, imposing labels has taken away individuality, we have become faceless collectives, because of these labels, collectives that can be classified and treated differently according to the label on their forehead. I give the example of my country, now as a society we have two labels that claim to group all, government and opposition, those who support the government and those who do not, it seems that we only exist two types of Venezuelans and for our government that has become a way to discriminate and convert some of them into first or second class citizens, with more rights than others.

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Create a personal image is a process that is definitely away from superficiality and frivolity, I see it as the action not to settle for what you should have but add that extra effort to be successful in life even though they call you as they call you When you hear about yourself, it is because you have become successful in any sense of the word. Good Post!!

Honestly the post that you made today is great because from this post I can know the information that is happening, and this post can motivate others to change even better

Es importante tratar a las personas con su nombre o alguna palabra amable, sin buscar distinguirlo por alguna condición fisica o social, cada persona debe ser una condición respetada.

One of the most beautiful
looking for money like looking for women if we diligently search for it we definitely get it

a very useful work,i like it your works,i have to learn a lot from you @done

the labels have their pros and cons so this topic can be taken out even more.
I love what you say, and it shows that you are a very thoughtful person when you are talking to others

A very interesting publication,
It should not be like that, but unfortunately we tend to differentiate the whole world and we do it through labels @done, which serve to catalog those around us. We can use common terms like ñoño, crying, ugly, rich, beautiful, among others and quickly our mind is full of preconceived images.

  ·  작년

@done Hay quienes etiquetan a otros para separar o para agrupar y hay quienes se autoetiquetan para una o la otra. En fin, las etiquetas sirven tanto para calificar negativamente y segregar o para unir grupos de personas.

Como todo, es bueno o malo, positivo o negativo siempre dependiendo de la óptica con que se analice.

Nada es bueno o malo per se lo hace bueno o malo el uso que se le dé.

  ·  작년

I believe that the use of labels on people is something instinctive that we have dragged from our animal nature. Prejudices and labels are useful. So you learn that insects or colorful animals are dangerous, like animals with large fangs. The same happens with labels on people, they are often useful and they save us from dangers or bad times.

However, we must understand that the use of labels is one of the most basic forms of knowledge, that is why I do not associate ignorance with overcoming the barrier of labels. I associate it with people with high criteria. Those who have understood that people are complex entities and dare to explore them as individuals. It is not easy and requires a certain amount of courage.

Although I do not fully share your point of view, I applaud your publication. I think that if we focus more on knowing people before prejudging them, we could solve many of the stupid conflicts that afflict us and act in a more humanitarian way.

  ·  작년

The images show ugly labels, but my post was more about ideological or political labels grouping people into warring sides. Many other kinds of labels can be earned, like trustworthy, prompt, courteous, or others can be passed around due to one's poor reputation due to repeated actions such as being rude or abusive.

Labeling an individual for what he or she has done to prove them such as an individual would be a recommendation of them or a warning about them.

Nice comment.

Actually that of labels seems to be "Human Nature". We all always want to belong to a group where we are accepted and by nature we also reject groups that seem inadequate. Some say: "I am Blogger" and those who do not know the trade will say: this is the one that loses all day in front of the PC. Others say: "I am an entrepreneur" and others will say that they are successful people, but others will say that they are capitalist exploiters of the people. It's hard to get out of the labels, but I agree when you say that classifying people by labels would be falling into racism.

  ·  작년

Very interesting what you post, excellent post !. I would say that human beings are labeled by different paradigms that hide our true essence. We act to please others, and not ourselves. In the end we become negotiable objects and not transparent human beings.

We have to make a deep reflection of who we really are, and for what purpose we come to this earth, we must begin there.

This is unfortunate, but your point is true. Like it or not, we use labels to catalog those around us, we give it a bad use, until we get used to this bad habit.

The label is likened to a description of a person's personal identity depending on whether the label is good or not because of a small or large tear. Be careful about that

I think that such problems must be quickly corrected so that misunderstandings do not occur

Speculation about the existence of inter-group fighting has already taken place in my country even until the police have to intervene in separating the two groups

  ·  작년

love and respect fellow human beings regardless of ethnicity, race and religion. it is a good goal and mind, that is like you @done! [good example] And not someone like you said in this post [people who wear labels on people]. best regards, @done.

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Gracias por tu generoso voto amigo, para nosotros, los minows, es de suma alegría que una cuenta como la tuya nos apoye y nos ayude a crecer. Gracias!

Dentro de las realidades existente la humanidad insiste en colocar etiquetas a todo, Yo parto del principio que etiquetas son simples potes donde encierran y dividen la capacidad de adquirir mas conocimiento cada vez, El ser humano es comunicación en su realidad, pero mientras el permita y siga estos patrones lamentablemente seguiremos siendo victimas de nosotros mismos, al rechazar el conocimiento existe en tantos individuos.Algo lamentable realmente.

  ·  작년

Excelente publicacion @done, concuerdo absoulamente contigo en este tema, cada vez que publicas lo haces mejor que la anterior!

La ignorancia es un beneficio, gran verdad.
Pero todos somos ignorantes, solo que ignoramos diferentes cosas!.
Ambos dichos de grandes pensadores.

Para mi es sencillo , todo se basa en respeto y tolerancia. Abrazos a todos !!

Muy interesante este tema que hoy nos compartes, estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, es nuestra sociedad hay muchas etiquetas que existen para diferenciar a las personas de lo que no estoy para nada de acuerdo, este tema me recuerda que en una oportunidad fui a visitar a un familiar en una clinica y cuando iba subiendido por la parte dondese encuentran los medicos escuche sin querer como se expresaban de los enfermos que se encontraban hospilazados en dicha clinica, y hablaban de los pacientes refiriendoe a su numero de habitacion o su enfermedad y no por su nombre como lo deberian a ser, lo cual aleja de todo sentido de humanidad, claro ya esas etiquetas se las ah colocado el sistema en su ambto laboral y cuando lo aplican lo hacen de forma involuntaria y no para despresiar a las personas, esperemos que pronto llegue ese dia de cero etiquetas que clasifican a la sociedad y las separan unas de las otras de ua forma no agradable si le pensamos bien, en las escuelas tambien se les etiquetas a los estudiantes segun su comportamiento y sus notas, las notas no dan en si el indice academico o decir algo sobre el estudiante en mi opinion o que los diferencien de lo demas. Saludos y bendiciones

I can't imagine if there are groups that are fighting with other groups, it's a pity because in this modern era there are still ways like that

I do not like education when he tells me about what I have to think.

When we are labeled, we generally accept the label. But we are always in a position to decide. Good post

  ·  작년

Me encanta ese tema de las etiquetas, en general los humanos las usamos como guía de nuestra concepción como individuos o descripción de otros, así como también en lineas generales no sabemos el buen uso de las mismas, no somos educados para el buen manejo de nuestro pensamiento, eso sólo lo vamos aprendiendo al andar.

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Very good posts, you don't publish much, but when you do it accurately with the subject, the system is looking to save some in a prestigious place and the price is that the rest is demeaned. That is the reason for labeling the system made by the ruling to remain in power. Your message is a hard blow to differentiate racist thinking, I really like your splitting and your idea is very smart thanks for sharing my best friend @done ❤❤❤

Hello @done, I have always been labeled as black (it is a rasista label) I am brown but in my region I am one of the few who wear my skin color, but I say that label does not offend me in the least haha, I am happy and I love my color 100 as you say are ignorant labels, since we are all the same and we go to the world instead we will eat the worms and we will become dust, I would not be able to label anyone by its color or by what it does because at the end of the day we will finish all the same,

That is why I say that every person should live as they want to be liberal and enjoying every moment of a short walk in this life, without being afraid to be labeled, it is something normal only used by ignorant people who do not have a life of their own, everyone chooses how to live , in the area where you are.

Particularly I think that labeling a person to be what he is, is a complete and immature action because I always say the language is punishment of the body you criticize and cross out your enemy and in a matter of days months or years you will end up doing the same in the same place, or maybe not, but your children will reincarnate those actions and suffer criticizing that action at that time, and of course there will be another person who criticizes your new action, and you will feel what that person felt back then

Thank you very much for your complete and detailed article I liked very much a great greeting from Venezuela

Excelente post, me gusto muchisimo, saludos desde Venezuela

muchas etiquetas, creo que las etiquetas sobran en la vida, etiquetamos a todos, somo los culpables de vivir en un mundo, como el que hemos creado, yo etiqueta a las personas, las personas me etiquetan a mi, y asi continua ese ciclo donde nos etiquetamos unos con otros, con el supuesto objetivo de darte un orden jerárquico o importancia a las cosas y a las personas, realmente todo esto es una forma mas de la sociedad que lamentablemente tenemos que vivir, solo debemos tomar un poco de conciencia y al menos empezar por dejar de etiquetarnos a nosotros mismos así como lo estas haciendo tu amigo, no haciendo distinción de ningún tipo hacia las personas que nos rodean, buen post.

I totally agree with you, nowadays people classify others according to criteria, according to the system ... and for wanting to please others, they label without mercy ... humanity in general labels even children, and unfortunately it hurts our next generations, because everything now is based on superficial ones. The essence of the human being is not taken into account ..

We are all equal, we are all born with the same opportunities but unfortunately the system and its labels quarte the opportunity to some and others put everything on a silver platter according to their convenience.

Very good your reflection, it is good to write publications to bring hearts to reflection. To contribute a grain of sand so that the humanity is more humble ... and as you say in the end ... that we can be more ignorant, if to this they want to call it ignorance !!!

God bless you wherever you are and bless your family!

I am truly amazed by your kindness, you are so amazing that you are very easy to get friends,
done I want to be like you who are very many friends.
thank you for everything and hope you are always successful Done.


Thank you for your kindness, done, hopefully, always be successful

I am truly amazed by your kindness, you are so amazing that you are very easy to get friends,
done I want to be like you who are very many friends.
thank you for everything and hope you are always successful Done.

If someone can make something good, like an effective sentence he can be said to be a genius

Very amazing posts, each individual has their own way of determining a quality idealism.
Because of the life of him who runs other people can only comment

Wow, this is something that must be followed up if such a method will result in war, fighting between the groups.

Conociendo su experiencia y exito en esta comunidad, me gustaria que visitaras mi post https://steemit.com/fotocuento/@adeljose/concurso-de-cuentos-fotocuento-semana-10-vacaciones-sin-ti

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo que planteas en tu publicación. Hace pocos días hable en mi Steemit algo similar a este tema pero hablando desde mi experiencia personal. La sociedad esta empeñada en categorizarnos. Vivimos en una sociedad clasista, que mas allá de querer conocer quien en realidad eres, se llenan de prejuicios y te señalan. ¡Abajo esas etiquetas!

Labels are the kind of things that come to our life and I do not like them, I really like your publication, not the brands thoroughly, but with this post I understand everything better, I think we should do a stand, although it has people who likes to be identified with the labels but there are others who do not like anything, excellent publication

  ·  작년

Saludos @done muy interesante tu post, la verdad es que si tienes razón, me dejo pensando un rato y la verdad es que es así básicamente desde pequeños nos catalogan de algo y ya después a futuro crece uno con eso de que uno es bueno o malo dependiendo del desempeño de cada uno en alguna actividad o como se desarrolle en la sociedad. Pienso que se debería dejar eso de las etiquetas no más para los post, ya que una etiqueta no nos tiene porque definir como personas. Sin nada más que aportar me despido, saludos desde Venezuela, por aquí un nuevo seguidor

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Por cierto disculpa que mi comentario este en español, pero al parecer veo que comprendes o dominas bien el español y bueno mi ingles no es el mejor que se diga y para evitar cometer un error, prefiero quedarme en español por ahora jajaj

Hi mr. @done
Your posts are always interesting to me
It can be said to be very good as the discussion of your post about the label is very classy and always a motivation for most people of course

Hello my dear @done I'm here for two things.
First is for motivate you to write again. :)
Second is for thanking to you for your supporting.
Me gustaría tener un voto considerable de parte de usted en mi último post. Gracias por el apoyo que me ha brindado, no sabe cuanto vale un sólo STEEM en Venezuela pero vale mucho, me ha sacado de aprietos en más de una ocasión. GRACIAS/Thanks.

Saya sangat kagum dengan anda @done semua pengunjung blog anda sumuanya anda kasih kurasi kepada mereka..
Dan saya sendiri ucapkan terimakasih @done

Human beings are accustomed to making accusations and judging others. Labels are part of that somewhat damaging dynamic of society. I support you and I follow you, good work.

A very interesting story and certainly useful for many people @done

A very interesting story and certainly useful for many people @done

You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Labels have been exacerbated by governments and groups of people which create them.
It should be people who instead of people which.

I have an opinion about what happened with the group that tried to fight the government.
I think it's only natural if they don't like the government, maybe because it's the best for him

Buenos día @done excelente tema ya que vivimos en un desafío donde algunas personas le encanta N etiquetar sin respetar el daño que puedan ocasionar. Es lamentable no tener humildad ni corazón para los demas

Sebuah karya Dan cerita yang sangat penting,,, postingan yang sangat berarti bagi orang banyak terutama bagi diri saya sendiri,,, thanks you @done

Terima kasih bang @done

@done saya ingin mengikuti Anda dan saya ingin membagikan postingan anda Dan saya sangat suka dengan postingan anda ini ,,salam kenal
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wow postingan god are very beautiful and interesting I really like your posts @done you are very different from the others you are the best I will share your posts @done

Thanks friend @done

Saya sangat suka dan tertarik dengan postingan anda @done.

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@done Postingan kamu luar biasa, saya tertarik dengan postingan kamu.

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I am very impressed with you @done

It's great that your post is @done everyone is amazed to see it

las etiquetas solo son un concepto humano.. solo eso.. la importancia que le des al asunto solo depende de ti.

@done nice very good

Postingan luar biasa, saya menyukai postingan anda dan saya kagum kepada kamu, semua orang menyukai postingan kamu dan sayapun tertarik dengan postingan anda.salam kenal @done

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Ya benar bangat tu!! saya juga tertarik dengan postingan @done

@done semoga saja selalu sukses dan sehat,very much you.

nice! My cool posts like you, and I will share your posts. I'll follow you @done please @done up my comments tonight. Go to my blog, my account @putra01

Postingannya yang begituan berarti di mata orang-orang banyak dengan cerita uang mengesankan daya sendiri sangatlah tertarik dengan postingan anda saya ingin selalu mengikuti Anda Dan saya ingin membagikan postingan anda thanks you @done

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posts that are very interesting and everyone is interested in your posts. I want to share your posts

Great postings @done, I hope you can be our close friend, we're just steemit this, hopefully my friend is always successful and healthy ...

Salam kenal @dene
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Excellent post. How do you feel about Robots ?

Postingan yang sangat bagus @done,, saya ingin membagikan postingan anda Dan saya sangat menyukai postingan anda dan pertama saya melihat postingan anda ini saya langsung tertarik,,

Postingan yang sangat menarik soudaraku ku saya sangat kagum dengan postingan anda sahabat salam @done

Best regards, @done I was amazed by the explanation in your post and I was moved to read it

I like you, indeed you really need me, I will continue to share your blog, always you post bang @done

Semangat @done dalam membuat postingan bagaimana saja ,dan semoga sehat selalu dan sukses dalam berkarya di mana saja...

@done saya ingin anda membuat postingan yang lebih banyak lagi ,minimal 3 hari 1 postingan,, karena saya sangat suka dengan postingan anda,dan juga sahabat lain

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Interesting information. You have my support

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"The truth is that you can not be a label." this phrase contains a great truth we can not let them label us as articles and we can not adhere to something "because it supposedly represents us" we are unique beings.

@done really be ignorant makes us happy for what if I do not know it does not exist, does not affect me, do I get involved?

People are used to putting labels without knowing the power of influence that they have on many people.

A very interesting post ... after I read the story you posted, I was very impressed ... and your post is very useful. For many people, especially for myself, greetings to friends ... I want to always follow you and I want to always visit your blog ... Thank you @done

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