May 2019 review of Portugal land prices

4개월 전

Just a few more reflections on my potential future land purchase that will probably never happen because I’m just way to settled here in Hereford. Then again you never know, once we get even more polarised and probably more neoliberal and meaner after Brexit (if it ever happens), a move abroad could well seem a whole lot more appealing, so best to prep for it!

Today I’ve been musing over a possible move to Portugal which is top of my list of countries abroad to buy land outside of the U.K because it’s

Upsides of buying land in Portugal

  • It's cheap
  • It's probably friendlier than France
  • It's relatively accessible compared to other places
  • There’s already quite a broad network of Brits doing Permaculture in Portugal.
  • There’s even agencies such as Pure Portugal set up which will help you with purchasing land, which makes it all seem very possible!

Where in Portugal?

I’ve never been, but years of extremely loose armchair ‘analysis’ has revealed that the cheapest places to buy are in the north – either Coimbre or around Castelo Branco...

Screenshot 20190515 at 13.24.06.png

And how much land for how much $$$?

Quite a lot it turns out! And unlike in Pembrokeshire which I reviewed last week, there's a lot more for sale, and the prices seem to be a lot more uniform.

In short, I can get 2-3 acres for around the 10-12K Euro mark, so 3-4K Euros per acre as a base, cheap starting point at this moment in time....

Screenshot 20190515 at 13.58.58.png

Source = Portugal Property Guides

Potential downsides of a move to Portugal…

  • Most of the land within my price range is proper rural and off-grid, so I’d need a van, which would involve extra cost, and getting connected to t’internet could be a problem.
  • I say friendlier than France, but I don’t speak a word of Portugese.
  • I say ‘relatively accessible’ – but I’d still have to drive through all of France to get there!
  • There may well be quite a network of Brits doing Permaculture, but I may not fit in as I don’t have a background in I.T. and a smallholding in Devon currently rented out to fund my move.


THIS looks very doable even while I'm still settled in Hereford - If I can kill work for the next 10 months and put away another £10K, this could be the purpose of a nice little Euro trip Spring 2020.

Plenty of time to think about it and just generally procrastinate between now and then and buy some new wellies.

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This is interesting. I'm always wondering where in Europe I could set up a cheap living situation for a good price. This seems like a good one to keep in mind. Put a container home on that land and you're set - except for learning all the skills because you'll basically need to be fully self-sustainable :D


I think they have farely forgiving planning policies too, so you might be good with a cotainer home!

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I would add to those positive aspects the fact that we are the most welcoming people you will ever meet...

I lived in the Algarve for about 4 years on and off... The people are amazing and so is the food.

It's probably friendlier than France

that is true, especially for the English speakers

I personally would like Portugal as a retirement destination but would not go far from the sea to far from everything and that would probably drive up my land prices


Yup it does get higher near the sea... especially the Algarve - still cheap compared to the UK and Switzerland too I imagine!

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There is also a big expat digital nomad scene in Lisbon and the most delicious egg custard tart things are in Portugal :-)

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Yes I'm familiar with both of those! Getting quite sold on the idea!

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Cryptos mooning could open new possibilities.


Yes! As long as Steem catches up!

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Totally agree with @felander on this one. Absolute good option as a potential retirement place. I really like France but the chance of me living there is closer to zero...France always has stuff going on man.

Ask @vincentnijman on this...he lives in Coimbra


I agree - Portugal really does look like a great option!

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My only experience of Portugal is Lisbon for Steemfest. I'm sure there are lot of rural locations around Europe that are more affordable than the UK. My cousin had a place in southern Spain on a hill that was very basic and she built a house there with tyres and other junk whilst growing almonds and olives. Not sure I fancy that lifestyle.


Oh that sounds great - building with tyres and other junk, just my thing!

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She's into that and ran building courses there. She's done a course at the Centre for Alternative Technology

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