May 2019 review of UK Pastoral land prices

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I have this dream of buying a few acres (3-5) of pastoral land and ‘doing permaculture’ with it. I like the idea of taking something low grade and effectively upgrading it to a food-forest, with many a cheeky stealth dwelling inside.

It doesn’t actually have to be specifically 3-5 acres. If someone had 1 acre to sell I could work with that, even 0.5 of an acre (maybe even less than that), or if there were several hundred acres and a bunch of competent people I liked looking for more partners, I’d go in with them. The 3-5 acre figure is just the area I’ve got in my head that would be large enough to provide easily for all my food needs, and for some of my wood-fuel – maybe all if I was maximally efficient.

The problem is I’ve temporarily rationalised this out of my medium-term plans because I want to achieve proper house-security in the UK as a priority first – hence why I bought an entire ‘normal’ house when I sold my flat last year, one with a teeny-tiny courtyard garden.

There’s also the fact that the kind of Permaculture project I’ve got in mind would be gung-ho, full-on, meaning I’d be limited in my ability to do paid work…. And I still need some kind of money coming in, which is what I’m currently focusing on.

However, I do have around £40K in wealth kicking about, and it is an option to invest the whole lot in some land and realise this dream any time I want, so I’m going to start keeping an eye on land prices in the UK, just in case something comes up!

I've not yet decided where to buy land - maybe the UK, maybe abroad somewhere. Here I'm going to look @ land prices in the UK only....

Where to Buy Land in the UK?

My thoughts on this are not to over-research it - Pembrokeshire in SW Wales is the obvious choice. Pembrokeshire is one of the Permaculture hotspots of the UK, given the combination of cheapish land prices and One Planet Development policy - although the latter has apparently pushed up the price of land recently!

It also has the advantage of being close to me, so I could view land in an easy day-trip, and I even know a few people over that way, from my dim and distant past, but there's still a vague sense of connectedness to the area.

It's also not really proper Welsh anymore, given the amount of English that have settled there.

How cheap can I buy land for in the UK? May 2019?

I'm going to look into actually mapping this at that some point, assuming I can find some free easy to use software to pin with with.

For now I'm just included links, which I know will disappear, so I'm including a few pictures, mainly to remind myself what's what.... just in case I get the urge to go land hunting in the next few months and I've got some kind of idea of the prices.


Basically £35K for 5 acres is a good deal!

£35 000 – Five acres of enclosed pasture land with a private (not mains) water supply, road fronting. (FORMERLY PART OF LLETTY FARM), Carnhedryn, Solva, Haverfordwest)

Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 15.04.02.png

£35 000 – 2.7 acres of enclosed pasture land with mains metered water supply and animal shelter, road fronted, very near coast. St David’s

Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 15.09.48.png

£50 000 – 2.3 acres of pastoral land, sheep fenced, private water supply, just outside of Newport

£40 000 – > 6 acres of pastoral land with a private water supply in semi isoloation – near Tegryn

Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 15.22.45.png

Would it be worth buying elsewhere?

Basically NO! Everywhere else in the UK accessible within 100 miles of me is either more expensive than Pembrokeshire, too anti-English or too restrictive in terms of planning.

Interestingly there are some very small plots of woodland available very near me, the smallest being 0.7 acres for £10K - the problem with such a small area is that you can hardly escape in it! Also that would be around £70K for 5 acres of woodland, which gives you an idea of how expensive it is around here, and I live in a relatively cheap area.

Conclusions - is it possible to buy land in the UK?

Yes it is - I do have the money, but I'd rather not spend £50K on 3 acres of land. I think my options are to either:

  1. Find someone nice to sell me an acre within an already established Permaculture community for <£10K
  2. Find a few other people prepared to put in £10 each and buy a larger chunk of land between us!
A further option is to look at land prices/ wreck prices abroad.
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Hope you don't mind me making a polite observation, but if 5acres and a dream is what you have, then just go out and do it. Money comes from passion not the other way around and 5 acres is enough to be food sufficient. Although you are never likely to get planning permission, there are ways and means to live there almost full time albeit slightly secretively.

I also think the part about house-security in the UK is a fallacy. In the UK, people buy a house, spend 30 years paying 3x the price for it with a mortgage and then die and give it to someone after they've paid 40% of its value to the government in inheritance tax.

Eternal planning is the road to dying having done nothing.

As for those parcels of land. The one at 2.7acres with a sea view, metered water and animal shelter is by far the piece of land with most potential and value.
If it has an animal shelter on already, then that can upgraded to a more permanent animal shelter. Think wooden stable block and tack panels, gas bottles and a self-composting toilet....job's a good 'un. Weekends down on the farm :-)

You have some wonderful ideas......go for it. You will never ever starve, you will never ever be hungry, nothing else matters (unless you're hodling for a Lambo lol)


Cheers for the motivational comment!

I will 'go for it' at some point - I'm just taking my time doing the research. My intuition tells me I can do better than these prices and get more out of it by going the collective route, maybe even abroad somewhere!


It's an awesome plan dude! I've been to Pembrokeshire when I was a kid and it was a beautiful place. I remember that was the first place I went surfing in my life, I think I was about 8 years of age.

35K for 5 acres is a good deal, but then you gotta think about an abode!

it is an option to invest the whole lot in some land and realise this dream any time I want, so I’m going to start keeping an eye on land prices in the UK, just in case something comes up!

What about moving and buying in south america or SE Asia. You would get a whole lot bang for your buck, the only drawback is most of those countries will not let you get permanent residency without showing a business idea that will be bringing them tax revenue. Maybe, permaculture retreats? But then this means it's hardly an escape from the world lol.

if you do buy in Wales you should get the plot by Newport 😉 😂

..... or even for a night out Newport is the bomb....


Yr the second person to opt for that spot - but I'm veering towards abroad or a collective thing.

Also I've got a few work related/ online stuff to finish before the move - cld be years down the line!

I like to plan thoroughly!

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3 acres is a good amount; I have about that back in Puerto Rico but my family does not really like it there so may be selling in a couple of years to find something here to drive to. Family wants something close to a lake as well. I have not started checking but I have a feeling it will not be cheap!


Don't know much about Puerto Rico, how much does an acre go for?

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Are they not anti-English in Pembrokeshire? I was told they are not keen on us living there in North Wales.


The few Welsh left in Pembrokeshire probably aren't that keen on the English living there, in a similar way to the Native North American Indians aren't that keen on European settlers.


Haha, I know an Englishman who lives near Bangor, they are not keen on him even though he sounds welsh.

Interesting ideas. I have some friends who are living with an elderly couple. They will help out and get the land for free after 15 years of part time work. Im not sure what kind of legal arrangement they have if any.

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Wow that sounds like a great arrangement - sounds like they have to trust that couple though!

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I'd like to do a bit of the same except I am clueless when it comes to the type of work involved.


Thankfully with this sort of thing you can just kind of make it up as you go along!

Also lots of places to visit/ adapt from!

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