Pillar falls off building, lands on moving bus

4년 전

By now you may have seen the viral video showing a part of a roof at China's Nanchang Changbei International Airport crumbling to the ground due to extreme weather.

In a similar frightening incident, a pillar fell off a building and landed on a moving bus. Recorded in Shanghai, the video has been circulating on social media, reports NDTV.

The incident took place on March 5 when strong winds caused the decorative column to break loose from a building. The CCTV clip, posted by CGTN on Facebook, shows the pillar falling on a bus passing below the building. While the pillar broke into two pieces, the bus also sustained major damage. A camera inside the bus recorded the impact of the falling pillar. The pillar caused a deep dent as it landed on the bus.

A person was seen sitting inside the bus when the pillar crashed but fortunately, he wasn't injured.

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