Pass of heaven!

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Hi there,

Let's enjoy another shot that I took in Y Ty, Bat Xat, Lao Cai - Vietnam frontier area. The pass in this photo is one of the most beautiful view point in Y Ty, especially with clouds!

About the place:

Y Ty is a mountainous commune with villages situated at a height of 2,000m. It has such an intriguing charm that many people want to visit once. Visitors can drive along the winding path through Lao Cai City, Bat Xat, Trinh Tuong, Lung Po, A Mu Sung, A Lu, Ngai Thau, Y Ty, Den Sang, Muong Hum, Ta Giang Phinh, enjoying the windy and cloudy passes before admiring Thien Sinh Valley with terraced fields.

About the photo:

If you guys come here in Autumn (September to October), you can see amazing landscape with golden terraced fields.
Following is my gear and camera setting for this shot!
Camera Canon EOS 60D
F-Stop F5.6
Exposure time 1/250s
ISO 320
Focal length 146mm

@jumartphoto All right reserved

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Thanks a lot~

really good photo!

I have a question: I cannot make landscapephotography tag to work, do i need to enter it in some special way?
the bot doesnt want to work with me hahaha


Firstly, Thanks for your compliment!

For your question: What is your tool to tag landscapephotography: steemit, busy or somthing else>?


I just use steemit and add the landscapephotography tag in the tags box :(


Actually I dont know. You should read and follow the rules of photocontest~

a snake in heaven


Many thanks for your comment! :D
Hope to share you all more nice photos!

Great photography


Thanks a lot for you compliment! :D

Great view and very well composed shot!!


Many thanks for your compliment! :D
Have a nice day!