Drone Footage of Shiding Thousand Island Lake, Taiwan

2년 전

The lush green landscape of Taiwan mesmerizes me into exploring deep into the mountains. I uncover Shiding Thousand Island Lake, with the surrounding old towns. My drone malfunctions and no longer works, these are the last images it takes of the incredible scenery.


Yeah, the DJI mavic pro kinda sucks, I fixed it in Indonesia and it happens again...

I also explored the North Coast of Taiwan, despite the rain and dismal settings. Introduced to a series of locations by a driver named Tommy, a local who was eager to show me the outskirts of Taipei city. Yehliu Geopark is the first location he shows me, as well as Tamsui Old Street.


Taiwanese food, Chinese festivals, its art, population and the people of this country are amazing - and a must visit I would say. Until next time, @martinphoto

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Beautiful shots! Sorry about the drone. Resteemed.

it is very unique and natural photography


Thanks mate!

fence friend that good photos, it looks very nice that landscape

Damn, that place looks like heaven.

Amazing shots.

@martinphoto landscape photography has been always a phenomenol. and it's nice to see good level of photography from you

I think it is one of the beautiful places in the world

1st one awesome man...looks like that I am Seeing a globe

Taiwan is definitely a place I would love to travel to. Sorry about your drone...the picture is still great. The scenery looks beautiful.

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For anyone wanting further tips of Taiwan, please shout out! I'll be looking to post more about this country soon.

Hey man! Cool photos. Can I ask you why your profile picture is me? That's a photo I took of myself in my old house, originally published here. Granted, it was released on a free license, so I'm legally mad, just curious as to why you used someone else's photo as your profile shot when you have all these other shots that look nice.

nice photography

Love this photography

I was living in Taiwan, you need to go to xianshang hiking trail, from there you can take pictures of Taipei City from high altitude.

I was living in Taiwan, you need to go to xianshang hiking trail, from there you can take pictures of Taipei City from high altitude.

Amazing place, great shot :)

unique and natural photography ,,,,,best

Your drone took some amazing shots before it retired! Beautiful place too

I hope which you've genuinely enjoyed these tour times and for positive we've got additionally traveled with you on this adventure thru your posts. and I consider which you've had an amazing and excellent time for sure.

And I sincerely favored the seashore part and that is proper inventive piece approach, that rock is going under the water and that's reflecting the collaboration between water and that rocky mountain.

And in my opinion, folks that are exploring this area, for certain getting the pure breathtaking essence because in my opinion the sea view is first-rate to watch and we will explore nature's best moves.

The one's cliff images are specific to watch and that view is just terrific wherein we are able to see just one rock and tremendous water view, it is reflecting as the greatest panorama scene of nature.

Wishing you a first-rate day and stay blessed.

Woah. Those are all beautiful images. Even if the drone doesn't work all the time, at least it worked to show such beauty when it did work.