Hiking the Blue Trail, linking together the 5 seaside villages of Cinque Terre, Italy

2년 전

Lately I am so eager to hike and explore. Even more than before. I stumbled upon Explore Magazine's top 50 hikes in the world, and decided I want to do them all in my life. I walked Caminito Del Rey a few weeks ago, and yesterday I hiked the Blue Trail. This trail links together the 5 seaside villages of Cinque Terre, Italy. While the first two sections have been closed down since 2011, we completed from Corniglia to Monterosso. Beautiful! This is taken from the 4th village of Vernazza, and way off in the distance of this photo you can see Monterosso.


Wahoo, already 7/50 complete in my life so far! Going for #8 hopefully next week, and in any case somewhere in August! How many have you hiked? You can find the list in here. It includes classics like the La Cloche Silhouette Trail and the Paso de las Nubes (Argentina). Bucket list items for sure :)


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nice pic

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Thank you! :)

Wow! Ontzettend gaaf dat je alle 50 trails wilt gaan lopen! Ben benieuwd naar de volgende!


Hey Nederlander! Hoeveel heb jij er al gelopen? ;-)


Schaamtelijk maar eerlijk.. Geen! Heb serieus Rinjani overwogen maar had net daarvoor mt. Batur gedaan en vond het wel prima. Die staat dan weer niet op de lijst haha!


Aah die heb ik ook gedaan 4 jaar geleden. Fantastisch.
Ben je nu fulltime aan het reizen?


Helaas nu even niet, ben momenteel in Malta aan het werk en nieuwe plannen aan het maken. Tips?

nice post

Why have the first two sections closed @martinphoto? Have they crumbled into the sea?

Cinque Terre is such a beautiful area. I hope to go there some day.

You've go me curious now. I'm going to go and looks at the trails list. I'm curious to see if any are in the UK. 😊

What a great goal! I go hiking very often but didn't do anything from the list so far! If I would start then it would be with Zermatt and Mont Blanc as they're closest to my place.

Good luck with the list!