Death Valley National Park - Artist Palette Hiking Trail

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Artist's Palette colors are caused by oxidation of metals
Red, pink and yellow Color - iron compounds
Green - tuff-derived mica
Purple - manganses


Carl Zeiss 35-70mm (len: made in Japan, early 2000)

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nice shot.

Great photo! I love that

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Amazing Work @steemfuzzy, you captured this masterpiece beautifully. a thumbs up and a resteem from my side to support your work. cheers...


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Cool pic and info.


A stunning combination of colors. This place may be named Death Valley (which doesn't sound encouraging) but it definitely didn't stop us from marveling in it's beauty. Cheers to more great posts from you @steemfuzzy.

wou... the mountain is very beautiful colorful, where it is @steemfuzzy


Thanks! Death Valley is in California - North America

Thank you graciously appearing in my blog.
I checked your photos and I should say that your color challenge entries are way way on an elite level. They look like award winning shots everytime! Like national geographic level better. I look forward to your future posts. :)


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wow. huge range of colors that it almost looks so unreal.

Beautiful photography, things like that are not seen every day!

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Wow. Nice photography sir.

Smart phot of geological find.


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wow beautiful photography

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Mantap penuh dengan warna warni yang sangat memukau.

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I just cant help but notice your artistic ability in capturing the delicate colors of nature. What type of filters did you use in this shot. It is such a brilliant hue of purple. Thank you for this inspiring shot. Im resteeming your post. @steemfuzzy


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honestly one of the best shots i have seen by far!

Gorgeous, all your photos are wonderful!

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the mountain is very colorful, is that true? @steemfuzzy

I have not seen such landscape before thanks to steem power @steemfuzzy. For keeping it real.

Steem fuzzy good

Mother nature is the best artist. I wish I can see this in person someday! :) thank yoi for sharing

awesome picture... keep doing it.. love it

This a good post, i like your post. @steemfuzzy

Wow, amazing👌💛🌷

Cool lens :)

Amazing photos. Nice..👍👍

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Great work @steemfuzzy! This is indeed a beautiful piece...I love this. Upvoted and resteemed!!

Beautiful picture, thanks for the transfer ! Glad you broughte to your blog can't wait to check out your past and future posts!

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Wow, what a trip. It looks like some kind of alien world.

beautiful, I like your post

Amazing Colorful Post.

Wow! Looks really good!

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Lovely shot, this picture is so natural. Nice work


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beautiful photogarphy

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Anda berkarya sangat baik

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Nice post!!

i like that photography man.
keep it up bro @steemfuzzy

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wow! nice work

Natural beauty, God is the ultimate artist, so beautiful. Applaud, an upvoted and resteem for this post.

Amazing picture, great color combine.. Keep it up! @SteemFuzzy

Amazing Work @steemfuzzy
love the multicolours

Those colors are so wonderful! It seems like the rocks are painted.

Realmente impresionante! gracias por compartir @steemfuzzy

Wow, mother nature's art is the most wonderful art ever. Thanks for this.

Beautiful picture, nice shot bro.. emazing

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just amazing colours!!! @steemfuzzy

incredible picture

Wooww...Amazing work is beautiful...

This work is so lovely...and it has nice color...keep it up @steemfuzzy

Unreal reality. How is this photo done? Unearthly beauty.

Cool pic

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wow, crazy that this is natural

Pretty amazing, thanks for sharing this awesome photo!


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fantastic picture!

Very interesting photo. Thanks for sharing.

This is incredible. I have never seen anything like this.

Nice picture

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Keep growing....:)

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thanks a lot very nice info and cool pic and amazing work @steemfuzzy,

so amazing

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@steemfuzzy You got me reminiscing on ma geography class. Whoooo nature is really wonderful

Amazing Work @steemfuzzy
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It is a very interesting photo. Beautiful play of colors.

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Awesome capture love it :)

Wow .. is this real? I new saw the mountain with many beautiful colors, you are very expert in capturing it.
Thank you @steemfuzzy, you've shared a picture that really catches my attention.

Oh !!! Wow ...

Beautiful photos, beautiful colors.

why is it called death valley? is it dangerous to go there?
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This is so beautiful, love your pics.

wow this is really very nice and creative art, I loved it, thanks for sharing it on #steemit

Wow, very interesting and I was amazed to see it.

Great stuff. You are very generous. Your color photography are amazing

Absolutely amazing picture.


Thanks for the sbd!!

Thanks for the sbd! @steemfuzzy

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Wow! this is an amazing photo! Thank you for your wonderful post and your generosity :-)

Luarbiasa, gambar yang sangat bagus

I love it...good post.

Beautiful colors! upvoted! :)

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A very beautiful nature picture.

I really enjoy this photo, but it would be nice if there is additional information how the process until the emergence of attractive colors can occur, whether due to natural processes or any influence of other things.

thanks for your steem. upvoted.

You can also get some really pretty blues and greens from copper ore oxidation in areas where mining is prevalent.

wow nice pic brother

Ohhh... This is beautiful ❤️

Amazing work of hard work and smart work of a highly talented photographer. But the stones are not taken to be a stone ring.😁😁greetings @steemfuzzy 🙏🙏🙏

Beautiful nature photo love the colors great shot !!

I like to see your post & thanks to share this content with us.

Sangat indah...?


Wow cool.
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Incredible photo, looks a bit surreal:) amazing (Y) would like to get there one day...

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Great photo!

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Superb Work dear brother

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woww, amazing looking to see..

Colorful and stunning

What a nice nature created by our beloved god, the menirals of the stone from inside was flowing outside.

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Wow. Stunning photo. So many great colours! 😯

Amazing stuff.

Wow, now u make me search more about that place. I love it, thanks for show this and great picture!

I hope that I will travel there sometime and I will look at all this beauty of bar combinations. A real paradise for your eyes and soul

Nice shoot.

i like turquoise color ! beautiful landscape.

WOW. much like used oil paint palette !!! nice and sweet colors.
congratulations very nice sharing

Wow, nice picture. I love the colours! :) <3

Wow - this is so beautiful, amazing colours.

Smart thinking brings out a brilliant idea! Good job @steemfuzzy !

Good Job!

That's just gorgeous!

what a great colourful place i love it

Great photo, amazing colours!!

It's a great picture. You inspired me. Thank you.

thank you~~

Very nice

Very beautiful these volumes of colors created by nature @steemfuzzy.


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It's looking awesome

Good work mate

Great photo! I love that

Great pictures, good work. Using this medium to thank you for celebrating with me today, my wedding anniversary and the gift you sent. May God honour you

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Very beautiful

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Great image ~ how incredible is our beautiful world.

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Be happy.


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Amazing post

oh my god, the best shot photography by @steemfuzzy

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Dear @steemfuzzy,
You have successfully captured the beauty of the nature - it is outstanding!
All the best,


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Wow perfect colour and photo @steemfuzzy

Oooohhhh! Very pretty!!

This is so colorful

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Oh my God... Nature can be so scary!!!

Very beautiful

Wow so mysterious :)

Wow ! very nice and amazing photo shoots with beautiful natural scenes and steem silver golod.I personally liked it thanks for sharing
I loved every thing about that post! @steemfuzzy 😍😍😍😍🙂🙂🙂

Beautiful color even the name of the valley is not beautiful. Nature always amaze me.

I cant help but stare at the beauty of colours (natural)....

Wow this is incredible!

Amazingly top notch, I love this capture, it's making me feel like I wan to be there

Bellisimo, congratulation <3

Good combination of image and information

I really like this photo ❤ I would like to learn how to take photographs like this.

Nice @steemfuzzy !!
Not sure I understand though. Are those pictures of the actual topography and its colors or pictures made by the camera? Sorry, Iam little "novice" on this stuff. ( Btw, thanks for your generosity. Following you :) )

cool picture and lovely too!

Awesome photography indeed!

Beautiful colors and textures.

It's a nice shot!


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