Marlborough views

2년 전

If you've ever been to NZ (or have read some of my previous posts :P), you'll know that the landscapes there are incredible! Marlborough is home to some of the world's best Sauvignon Blancs, and when you get to sip on one of them surrounded by mountains like these you don't want to leave.

With the amount of photos I've taken of vineyards over the years, this one will always be a favourite! <3


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Grrat photo

what an amazing landscape

very nice pictures

look at my pictures please. I want to know your opinion

Brilliant photo love that area some of the greatest wine in the world dont forget the Riesling

The landscape is very beautiful. The lined mounts connect to one another. If you can know, are those poles a field? @travelingsomm


Yes, they are poles! It's a vineyard but it's the off-season.


If only it was the season of wine, what a landscape it would be more truly beautiful. I never saw him, because I live on the beach. @travelingsomm

Wow, that wicked storm in the background over the mountains!!

That certainly would have been a majestic sight to see. I am a fanatic storm watcher! Sweeeeeet pic.

wow truly that nature is beautiful, excellent photography.

I really like your posts and I enjoy very much with all your posts.👍

That's a really great shot! NZ is absolutely on my bucket list!

simple, but quality with a backdrop of mountains. good work

Gorgeous photo! I would love to visit. It's definitely in my top 5 places to go.

That's gorgeous, you make me want to be there! A friend of mine just visited and she sent me a greener picture of vineyards. Is the difference due to the season or maybe the location?

Great photo. Totally agree with you some of the best wines from Marlborough. One of my favourite is Oyster bay 👍

great photo. can we have few more?

Awesome views!

I couldn't believe the beauty when I was in NZ, really, it was unreal, nowhere else on Earth like it...

what a wonderful view! nature is always beautiful)

It looks great, I hope one day to visit that great country.

me neither want to go away from that palce.

Waaaaoooo.... very surprising

What an amazing photo. I bet the rest of Marlborough looks amazing too!

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nature beauty :)

Great shot ! make sure to check my profile for upcoming photographs.

Love this landscape. The colors compliment each other so well!

I have been to NZ, we make a list where to go & search for attraction places but end up all the way driving to our target places we almost stop everywhere, here and there taking photos videos before we reach to our aim destinations.

actually in NZ all places all beautiful...definitely will go there again!

Wow, looks nice! I’m going to go 2 New Zealand in a week, so good tips are perfekt, thanks! I’ll check out your previous posts. I am looking forward to New Zealand a lot. First time for me and I have only heard terrific things..

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wow,,,wonderfull place

awesome photo buddy, thanks for sharing and keep going !!!
i've been in NZ for two month and i'm still in love with this place, especially the south island got my heart :)

love to see pictures like this, thinking about uploading some of my own :)


lovely photo @travelingsomm! the view was fantastic.

Hi Jen! I have not, but I do have lost cousins in NZ. One day I shall go. Cheers! I just joined steemit, I posted an intro of myself

Obvisly this is good post. I like it

This reminds me of the views in Australia. I can’t wait to go to NZ.

This will be one of my favourite pictures of a vineyard too! I love the mountains in the background

wine love :)

awesome mountainranges! I would love to visit NZ one day :)

Very beautiful

  ·  2년 전

Great picture. And no, I've not been to NZ or read any of your posts before. But since I can't just fly to NZ right now, I'll have a look at your blog and try to make up for it ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Nice shoot:)

This is nice

pretty mountains

Is that a storm coming in? Wish I could see this place in person.

I've always loved this perspective – looking down rows of vines. Beautiful clouds, too.