Language Vs Communication

3년 전

This post resulted from one I did a bit ago. It was to our anarchists in the community. In it I went through my own introduction to anarchy, and how I got past initial resistance by hearing it branded as voluntaryism. What followed was a comment from @troglodactyl:

"Any word we use will eventually be twisted and contaminated with misleading connotations, but we can't keep running and abandoning even our own language forever. At some point we have to stand and defend the ability to communicate."

Is Language Communication?

I think the two are part of the same thing, but not exactly the same thing. I can be in a room with someone with whom I do not share a language, and we would be able to communicate. It is going to be a very limited form of it, but verbal cues or gestures can get my intentions understood.

The flip side of this, even when the language is shared. I don't know that communicating always happens. Words have taken on personal meanings for many separate from a standard definition. I can use retarded to describe my progress at a task, but my choice of language can create a barrier that stops communication flat.

Communication Happens When Both Sides Want It

Communication I have to view as wanting to understand, and be understood. Knowing what you are saying and not getting hung up on the words used to say it. I don't know that I have much more to say on the matter, I keep trying to type more... but maybe I am just relying on language too much. ;)

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