German Language Learning

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I want to suggest some nice Youtube channels for learning German!

Currently I am listening to four very good channels to listen to audios and here they are below!
It's helpful to keep my german hearing and comprehension up however I can really say that my speaking skills are going down since I finished my B2 level.

First one, her YT is very simple but sophisticated. I like the audio, it's calm and she has good examples. Her name is Konstanz. Her videos are very on point and stick very much to what you're working with in academics.

Next is Jenny!

Her classes feel light and smart! Very useful!

Easy German!

This YT channel I just discovered recently and I love how the content is professional and very "social". They interact with interested participants and ask very nice questions and give out good information! very interesting.

the best part about her video is that the audio is so clear and there are english and german subtitles.

The first video I saw was a comparison of Dutch and German.

I was blown away too how similar Dutch is (well Dutch and Deutsch are just a few letters away)

I love learning languages and I've learned Japanese and Chinese before and venture on learning many others! l love comparisons of languages and I would love to share them with you!


Are you learning any language right now? tell me what and why! Have a great day!

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