OMG - LASSECRASH? ALERT!🚨 Lassecash down over 82%! 😱

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And She's Gone!!

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 1.21.11 PM.png

The site's been down for days now, and there hasn't been an update??? Where's their TWITTER?

From now on if a steem-engine community doesn't have a free twitter page for announcements (when the steem blockchain goes down), then I'm staying back!! #lasse-crash! #oldyeller #wheres-lasse?
I think it's just kinda odd thattherestill hasn't even been an update on Discord either yet!! Just one last unfinished post about the Government Shutdown in 6 months from lassie, looked like he was on the run or something?!
29E548C4-6A8F-41D5-A86D-F3D44E9B2A05.jpeg For full disclosure I'm trying to buy some on the lassecrash dip! I still have some faith that it will comeback soon!

I posted about thisonsteemit last night and nobody will even confirm. Hope everything's OK!

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This is a sad day :(


Yes it is, hopefully I am just overreacting as usual. Thanks for the response. Don't worry I'm sure there will be some kind of explanation soon!! This just goes to show how risky these tribes really are for investing!


You got me 🤣🤣🤣 Yes they are risky that's why I haven't invest as much as I want.


It must be the sand in your pussy.

Those tokens are bleeding!


They are, i think I might have added salt to the wound, oops! jk


This is considered a post you fucking liar!!


LOL, you looked it up thinking it was real. OMG just made my day. Holy crap that's funny. You honestly think Trump would be talking about Lasse cash in any reality?

You get a cookie today.


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