LBRY (LBC): End of Correction Could be Near

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LBRY (LBC) prominently displays a double Cup & Handle. While there could be a third fractal; I believe price is more interested in completing the handle formation. These patterns are quite cleanly formed and when two are consecutive, the outcome is often a longer, sustained bull run up. That process has just started.

A closer look at the handle formation shows that an a,b,c correction seems to be progressing. This is a zig zag (5,3,5) type where red wave A has five subwaves, B wave has 3 subwaves the wave C has five. Of the final five subwaves, 3,4 and 5 remain to be completed. It could well mean that perhaps that bottom is near. Once bottomed, a reversal would look quite impressive!

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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This is one I will have to look into.

Library Credits are a great investment. Definitely going to at least 0.0004 BTC for the short term and longer term prediction...MOON!!!

I neglected to sell some off near the peak, but i will definitely look to buy some more near the bottom.

Your analysis is good. Even I think corrections are coming to an end.

Now I have created https://LBRY.Community - for Content Creators, Users and Developers - The Ultimate Headquarter for Projects built on the LBRY Protocol.

really great job thank you for inform us.

nice post you work very fast thank you

LBRY has a few things coming up in the next few days. Get on it!

I cant wait until the correction is finally over lol. But in the mean time its a great buying opportunity.

Here are the ladders I set up just now for this. I used 25% (of what I planned for this trade) for each of the four ladders:

They're at 5159, 4721, 4325, and 4033. I trade on the BTC pairs not the USD pairs, so converted from USD with a little fudge factor -- if it goes to $0.40 it should hit all my rungs.

while all these analysis makes sense what makes the difference is psychological acceptance. Our cryptos are majorly inclined by the behavior these days

Love your work Haejin Lee. It's nice to see the thread with less stinky, smelly trolls!

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Your TA is so knowledgeable...u must b having a strong trading background..

I hope so, it's getting pretty scary... i'm new to all of this crypto currency thing, even tho my goal is more about getting my comics / drawing works known more than anything else, being paid to do so is nice ^^

Yes! I got into lbry from the early days and cashed out after its initial pump. This time I am sure it will be another impressive bull run when its correction is over. Thank you Haejin for your kind guidance and useful TA charts!

hey haejin, resteem one of my freestyle raps? :D It is very good luck.

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I have seen all the links that you have given you to learn a lot. And many many thanks for sharing these with us.i always with you @ haejin.Also i always follow and give upvote you.all the best.

I think most of them by tomorrow will be in the green. Very few in the red