Eloquencia And Revulsion - An update on the status of both of my games.

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(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/Eloquencia2020-11-20-17-06-44/f4087b05f389038204f49f3ec742c8a4d4119b69?r=HHY1jKr5AMB29yqQHdKyj9t6Ynm2ob8g)

My internet has been down for about a week and its been absolute hell. During that time I have been absolutely focused on my next game Eloquencia. Eloquencia is a classical RPG with 2d pixel art graphics that I am currently developing. I have a lot of hope for this project and its been super intense to get as much done as possible. My goal is to get something playable and begin showing it off by the end of the month. LBRY / Odysee will be where I host the games files while it is in its early state.

I apologize for not getting Revulsion patched sooner! I should have got the next patch for the game out but Eloquencia and lack of internet has basically been my excuse. I want to correct this as soon as possible. I plan to get the game patched by Monday at the latest. Please forgive me, I really did mess up on this and hope I have not turned off too many people who have been waiting for the patch.

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