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To be at the head of an organization is not always to have control, who is in charge of it must be able to guide the efforts of a group, to identify its weaknesses and strengths and make appropriate use of them to achieve the goals of the organization. Without a doubt, it must have the characteristics of a leader, that is, the ability to inspire its work team, whether it be from educational, religious or business organizations, and to do so enthusiastically in order to achieve what it has set out to do. Leadership implies a set of skills and abilities that generate influence in other people, for the achievement of objectives within an organization and achieve in it the desired productivity. It is important to consider some definitions of these authors:
“Leadership is an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes that reflect their mutual purposes.” – Joseph Rost

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” – Warren G. Bennis

“Leadership is about service to others and a commitment to developing more servants as leaders. It involves co-creation of a commitment to a mission.” – Robert Greenleaf

The authors mentioned above show us three very clear definitions of Leadership where the influence that the leader must have in the group of people is expressed, the change that this is going to generate in a determined organization and Leadership as a service, that is to say, to offer to those who follow him the tools to achieve the proposed goals.

What are the characteristics of a leader?

Without a doubt, the leader should be a model to follow for the group of people in his charge and be endowed with certain characteristics that give him superior power to adequately play the role he possesses.
Some of them are highlighted below:

Empathy: The leader of any organization must have the power to convince, inspire respect and motivation to achieve the proposed goals.

Provide confidence in the group The leader's mission is to provide open communication where its members can interact with trust, freely express their views and that they are taken into account.

Making decisions: This characteristic is very important, since the person in charge of a group must be able to make the right decisions in an accurate way, studying positive or negative consequences that they may have and assume them with total responsibility.

Motivator: The leader must be a promoter of teamwork, motivate those who guide recognizing the work they do and celebrating the achievements and never attribute them to himself.

Is the leader made or born with that characteristic?

There are several approaches that have been addressed to clarify this dilemma, however according to various studies and theories it has been concluded that people can be born with these qualities that lead them to succeed in organizations and likewise there are those who are trained for it obtaining absolute success through experience.
A sample of a trained leader is Steve Jobs, creator of Apple Computer, a legendary entrepreneur known in his early days in the company as a bad boss and negative leader, intransigent and hostile to his staff and intolerable to failures obtained, however, it is said that there was a transformation in Jobs' leadership style due to the experiences he had when he was taken out of Apple, that is, when he formed NeXT and Pixar is now hired again with a more charismatic, harmonic and pleasant style, with courteous treatment towards his work group, a great example of a leader who emerged from a failure or a certain experience.

Leadership Styles

Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) was a German psychologist who made important contributions such as the theory on the three styles of leadership, based on the experiments he carried out in 1939, however his theory is not only considered useful to be applied in organizations, but is also considered important to be put into practice in any human group.

The autocratic leaders.
This type of style is characterized by the leader's monopoly in making decisions about his subordinates or who is in charge, determining their tasks, roles, strategies to follow and the conditions in which the processes will be carried out. According to lewin this type of leadership can cause a kind of discontent on the part of the subordinates.

Democratic leaders
In this style of leadership is considered the opinion of the team for decision making, encouraging creativity, productivity, however can sometimes have negative consequences if not handled with caution by the leader, since it can produce the risk of a loss of efficiency in collective decision making.

This style of leadership is characterized by allowing the group to make their own decisions without any interventionism of the leader, is ideal for people who have high level of motivation, likewise the autonomy of it generates in individuals job satisfaction. It should be noted that of the three styles is considered the least effective as it can lead to lack of productivity if not managed properly.

How can you be an excellent leader?

be communicative, this applies both to work and in your personal life, it is essential that relationships with your group or team are favorable and you convey your concerns and in the same way you can hear theirs.

Try to be a good example You are the one who guides your group, your image before them is the most important thing, what you do, how you do it. Always try to be a good model for those who follow you.

It sets limits. You can be an attentive person, educated and even joke with your team, however it is necessary to set limits that make them see how far you can tolerate some situations and attitudes, this will avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Never lack humility, this important ingredient at any time in our lives, if you are the boss, you can also be the friend, the one who recognizes the merits of the members of his team and celebrates with them.

The supreme quality for leadership is, without a doubt, integrity. Without it no real success is possible, no matter if you are on a section band, on a football field, in an army, or in an office."
Dwight D. Eisenhower







Authored by @luces

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In particular, I believe in the humility of leaders, courtesy to others always works. It is the same with listening, with knowing the limits and strengths of the group and of oneself. A leader works by example, by permanent communication, channeling his own passion and disappointment and the disappointment of others. Many people confuse leader with boss, so when they see themselves in front of a team they believe they can push them to do the work. Nothing could be further from the truth! A boss can be considered at some point as an enemy, instead the leader will always be seen as an ally. As a teacher, I believe in the innate conditions of a leader, what we do in schools, society, workshops is to empower, develop and exploit those conditions of each one. As Peter Daisyme says, "I start every day telling myself that I am a positive influence on this world. Thank you for sharing such excellent work, @lights and welcome to the team of @adsactly writers. Greetings


Thank you very much for the welcome, proud to be part of this team. Excellent analysis of the publication.

Very good post. I always think about leadership as an innate attitude, however there are some skill that can be learned so probably we cal also find and excercise our inner leader

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It is absolutely true that we have the ability to develop these skills if we set out to do so. So let's get that Leadership out of hiding, anything is possible. Thank you for commenting

I’ve found this article really useful, for I’ve been wondering what should become of communities on Steemit when motivation has been low for considerable time. What happens when you have the abilities to lead a community but no money to “motivate” them properly? Certainly, community leaders need to have vision and flexibility.
Team work is co-work; as a teacher myself, I’ve experienced both success and failure in the role of leader, and I’ve also seen many others succeed and fail, too. In my particular case, I’ve only seen progress when near to every member of the team is constantly growing and learning so as to detect, evaluate and solve/propose solutions to problems. No matter what sort of a leader you are, you cannot co-work with incompetent people. A true leader, I think, helps subordinates find their strengths and put them at the service of the goals of the team.
A true leader watches and listens because every member in the team is a valuable asset and has something to offer.

Thanks, @luces


You are right friend, there are many situations that can face a community, company or educational institution or simply any type of organization, can cause ups and downs, both the manager or leader and the staff that is part, should have equal responsibility to resolve certain situations. The leader in any case has the duty to guide, motivate teamwork, perform actions and evaluate, must have the power to influence their group, create a vision of progress, and create contingency plans and not only guide them but also train them for any situation in which they can not solve without their help. Thank you for your comment.

@adsactly Team, Leader always motivate others with his/her actions and leaders are not rulers but leaders always take forward their team and stand with strong essence no matter how much tough the current situation is. Stay blessed team. 🙂

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People with a lot of STEEM Power will be the an autocratic leader.

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That's a good post
I like it

Enlightening Post and very educational.

Through this post, we know that leadership is not just a matter of mastering and becoming a commander.
The leader is the giver of the direction not just by giving an example and then letting it become an autopilot. A good leader does have to be an example, so modeling in carrying out tasks and attitude. The attitude of the leader requires empathy, when in the future being able to be an example, when in the middle of being led to be able to arouse enthusiasm in togetherness and when he was behind he was able to give encouragement to progress together.
The leader must have extensive knowledge so that he can become a leader and guide the organization.
the leader must be able to make the success of the business is the success of the people who are led, while when it fails, he is able to bear his failure.
Really posts that inspire
Thank you @luces
Thank you @adsactly
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

excelente tu post algo bueno para empezar el dia

Described leadership beautifully

all thing are mention about leadership,great post.I think leadership skill is a must have skill in modern days.


thank you for your comment, we must all be leaders, there are many circumstances in which we must make important decisions, have the power to convince, organize, plan and execute important projects. I think we can apply it in many everyday situations

A great topic and also a crystal clear content. Wish the leaders comes across these content to make themselves familiar with the quality they require. I am not referring to all butt there are many who started to assume themselves as supreme commandor without even caring about their juniors. And treat them their servant. I have lived with such condition which forces me to step aside my work life. ...
People on top forget that they are sitting their as a mentor for others...they need to be role model rather than a lifeless statues.

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I think it's a very good article, @luces. Well structured, explicit and practical. We have a leadership crisis in some areas and even in some countries, as is currently happening in Venezuela. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to autocratic, anti-democratic, arrogant, centralist, self-sufficient attitudes... All of them, as you well point out, contrary to a true leadership, healthy and healthy for the communities, including the individual himself and his environment. I believe that these orientations must be incorporated into the formal education of our societies. Thank you for your post, and welcome to @adsactly's blog.


Thank you for your comment, very true words, is the reality in Venezuela today, and no doubt these issues should be a fundamental part in the formation of the individual.

The leader must be a promoter of teamwork, motivate those who guide recognizing the work they do and celebrating the achievements and never attribute them to himself.