League of Legends Patch Notes 9.24 Diana League of Legends Aphelios (LOL PATCH 9.24 Notes)

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How To Watch This Video: TIMESTAMPS!~ ⏲️🔗
💎 Patch 9.24 Highlight: 4:34-5:25
🔷Aphelios Released: 5:53-6:30
🔸 Akali Nerf: 6:30 - 7:51
💠 Amumu Buff: 7:52
🔶 HUGE Braum Buffs: 8:00-10:56
💚 DIANA REWORK: 10:57-20:13
🔵 Garen E Nerf: 20:13-21:38
☀️ Karma Shield Buff: 21:38-22:15
🔴 Kassadin Nerf. Gosu: "Disgusting Champion": 22:15- 24:10
❇️ Rammus Buffs: 24:11-24:34
🔳 Ryze Nerds: 24:35- 25:23
✴️ Senna Nerfs, Sivir +2 AD buff: 25:24- 27:35
⭕Yuumi CHAMPION CHANGES: 27:35-32:53
🔥Lux VFX Updates: 32:53-34:25
🎁Rune Changes (Conqueror, Omnistone): 34:25-37:43
⭐ICYMI Preseason Followup changes: 37:43-43:40
☁️Poro King returns: 43:42 - 45:24
🛣️ARAM Balance Changes: 45:24 - 47:25
⌛Username Riot Account Changes: 47:26-49:59
** Bugfixes: 50:00-51:34
& New Skins and Chromas: 51:35-end!~


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► Music Used: 
Daenine - Deformington
purpose [master]
AXEN & HYLO - Habits ft AKACIA [NCS Release]
Unknown Brain - War Zone (ft. M.I.M.E) [NCS Release]
Ascence - About You [NCS Release]
Far Out - Far Out - Chains (feat. Alina Renae)
Arc North - Meant To Be (feat. Krista Marina)
T-Mass - Ignoring My Heart
3rd Prototype - Dancefloor
Ghost'n'Ghost - Lighthouse [Argofox]
Arc North - Never Gonna (Radio Edit)
4 My People (Elgus Edit)

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