English learning

2개월 전

English learning is becoming more and more difficult because the Internet is growing rapidly. Therefore, we should find some proper ways to learn English. Below are some suggestions.

1.Learn English with a positive attitude Interest in learning English is an important attribute. If we have a positive attitude towards English, our efforts will be successful.When we are not enthused about English learning, we need to enhance our interest through some activities. Today, we are able to listen to English songs and watch TV. We can also communicate in English on the Internet with foreign friends.

2.Enhance the ability to do autonomous learning China's contemporary educator, Mr. Liu Funian, has said: There are two kinds of abilities that are very important, one is self-study ability and the other is independent work ability.The amount of knowledge today always increases at a rate of multiple times. In order to catch up with the pace of the information age, the cultivation of autonomous learning ability is essential.As a result, if we want to learn English effectively, we need to improve our ability to learn on our own and master the process independently.

3.Improve the ability to distinguish network informationTo make full use of network information in today's digital age, we must differentiate the two sides of the network.It is important that we are able to distinguish correctly, to learn to distinguish the authenticity of network information, and how to correct use of media in order to live more effectively in a digital age, and to learn really good and correct English

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