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Lego Shop at Downtown Disney

I am not sure if you have ever been to Disney Springs, previously know as Downtown Disney, but it has blown up it the last five years. We go to Florida pretty much every year and when we first started this place was fairly small and fairly quite. Now it is extremely popular. It is filled with shops, restaurants, pubs, bandstands, a movie theater, you name it. The main reason we always go there is because they have a ton of Disney stores selling pretty much everything that you can buy in any of the parks. It is usually a nice relaxing night walking around, browsing for any and everything Disney. One store that has been there as long as we have been going is the LEGO store. If you are a kid or a kid at heart, this store is a must visit.

Outside of the store they have some larger than life LEGO displays. These include a swamp monster, a knight fighting a dragon, a Lego family, snow white and the seven dwarfs and Buzz Light year and Woody! Inside they have some great cases in displays of what must be hundred of Lego sets. Below are a few we took pictures of.


Virtual Display

And if the set that you were thinking about buying is not built and on display.... no problem!
They have a monitor set up where you can hold up the box and it will give you a virtual display of what the Lego set will look like assembled! We tried out a few and it was a lot of fun. The sets would open up to show the inside and also perform some animations to keep you entertained.


Build your own Race Car

The highlight for the kids is the area out front of the shop where they have never ending Lego race car competitions. There are tubs of Lego pieces around the track and kids as well as adults are encouraged to build what ever type of car they desire.
Luke was pretty excited as his car won quite a few races.

2018_02_10_18_25_07 2018_02_10_18_29_15

To be honest, Luke and I could have spent an entire day playing at the Lego store. They have a section where you can fill a tub of Lego with any type of piece you want. They have a wall full of pretty much any piece you can think of.
They have areas where you can build and purchase your own Lego men.

Am I being a little too excited about Lego here?



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Omg my 4 yo will shriek if I show this! Lately he's been calling himself Hulk 😂😂😂😂 he was always Superman (until we watched Batman VD Superman ☹️- RIP)

My sons always begging to go to Legoland, have you been to any?


There is a Legoland by Canada's Wonderland in Toronto that we have been to.
It was okay. We went on a day where parents were free admission.
There isnt a lot to do. They have a 3d movie, a couple small rides, and some areas to build Lego.
If he loves lego it would be worth going at least once. I would look for some sort of coupon of something. For the price, it was a better deal just to get into Canadas wonderland and hang out around the smaller kid rides.


Aah sorry I should have said Legoland Theme Park

Yeah I know about Legoland Discovery Center in Toronto, it's not the same as LTP ☹️


No I have not been to the Theme park :(

I didn't know there were other Downtown Disneys! We have the Anaheim one in our backyard out here.

Great place to hangout if you wanna get the feel of Disneyland but save $1.3 million.


Ha ha, we like to go on our first night in Orlando or our last night. We don't usually go to the parks on those days. It gives you the feel of Disney to either start or end our vacation.

Thanks for stopping in!


I've been meaning to ask, how do you get such great formatting on your posts? Specifically, the text wrap around the photos.

I follow the markdown style guide, but I'm not sure I've seen that in there.

Thanks for noticing! I was actually a Computer Science Engineering major in University (CSE). I spent a lot of time working with HTML code building websites and such. I actually spend time and add manual HTML tags into my post to help with the lay out.

I have done a few posts a while back giving some tips. I dont think that I have covered image location (classes). I will make that one of my next posts and tag you in it!
Quick run down. Use the div tag and identify the class like this <div class=pull-right> then your image link like this <img src=""> and then close out your tag like this </div> So by using this code I have pulled your avatar image to the right side. You can perform that same concept with pull-left


Thanks! Yes, that would be a great tutorial. I'll give it a shot.

I bet the kids had such a blast there, its such a cool and fun shop

Lovely blog, I'm sure Y'all had a lot of fun, children always remembers this sort of things.