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Not to long ago i had a birthday party and got a awesome Voltron Lego set they transform and go together to form Voltron!. so i spent like a week building this and in the end i thought it was worth it.


I think its awesome and i hope you do to. and this is a 16+! but um i think i could do a 25+... are there any? The lions can move like crazy but only the black lion can move his head :( but for me that's the only downside. it comes with a sword and shield you can put on your red and green lion. they will all connect without losing a peace!. i dropped the black lion and he broke but only a foot so no worries but we cant find his foot. so i highly recommend this set and hope you liked the post.

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Love me some Voltron. Take me right back to being a little kid in the mid 80's

Thanks for helping grow the Lego tag on Steem. That Voltron set is awesome, and it's on my wishlist to get my hands on. I wonder if I can convince my wife that it would be a great Christmas present.....

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I hope you found your foot! This looked like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. @webphilbin shared your post on P.Y.P.T.



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Sadly i did not find my foot. But is was lots of fun. I'm glad you liked the post and thank you.


Voltron!! Mega cool points!! To help share this awesome-sauce, I shared your post at the #pypt with @shadowspub... you got a nice reaction... everyone LOVED your build!! I hope you are able to find the Black Lion foot... send out a search mission!! Look forward to seeing another post, about your awesome build talents! !tip



Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday


wow... thank you for sharing it!. I hope ill find the black lion foot soon. unfortunately... I lost it at a different house. and not the house i live in.

wow that is super cool :) My sons (age 4 and 2) are finally respecting my lego collection enough that I moved it out of the garage and into the living room and we have been having a ton of fun doing family lego time. I am in the middle of making a really large scale movable red dragon (freestyle, not from a kit - but this might qualify as 25+?). Maybe I will post it when I finish it up. Here is work in progress (head kneck shoulders and front legs - the bits sticking up above the shoulder are where the wings will attach, and they move back and forth as the head moves up and down and the legs move :):



That's really cool!. I think its awesome that you used a boat piece for the lower jaw!.

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Haha right on.

Never stop playing and good for you sharing it on the STEEM blockchain!

Thanks to the #pypt group for bringing this post to my attention.


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You did an amazing Job there... i love LEGO when i was a kid i had loads of it and later i played a lot with my Kids... Stay this creative ;)


I have TONSSSSS of lego's. But i think this is the coolest set i have I've ever made.


hehe know it i had about kilos of LEGO and i gave em to my sons, but when i get divorced my ex wife sold all my stuff at a garage trade :D

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Very cool for old and you alike!

woah... thanks @wesphilbin for sharing on #pypt... this is amazeballs!

Is the Lego Volton set an official Lego kit or a MOOC?

Oh nice, this is one of the community made Lego IDEAS kits... nice!


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Dude. This is so awesome!

I had Transformers growing up (and Barbies... but they were mostly for the saving...). This Lego creation is the best! I love that it TOTALLY matches, but is made up of so many different parts.

You got a good eye for building things. 😍


It is really awesome!. And it is a awesome set. (My dad said your in his helpie group.) I'm glad you think is cool


I am in your dad's Helpie group. 😍
He's a pretty good guy, your dad. Don't give him too hard a time. 😉

Can't wait to see your next creation!

What quality you have left, I remember my childhood, I love the lego, has talent to assemble, you have to have some skill and creativity to create some such small pizzas ... greetings

@wesphilbin liked your post and shared it during PYPT, a radio show on Discord for Steem posts. Great job on building the Voltron figure! It's great that you got such a wonderful gift where you can show your skills and have fun, too! 😃


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