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With mass and form in the books, we move on to flow. Flow is effort set into motion, a sweep of activity that takes the assemblage of mass formed and puts it to work. Work is used in the physical sense of being action, it is not about how you get paid for your time.


Flow is the inbreath and the outbreath. It is the stream of consciouness that interacts with the material illusion provided by the holographic morphogenic field. It is the growth of the plant from seed to root.

The world has many examples of flow, as the continuity of things requires that we get there from here. Measurement of flow establishes the concept of rate, where our perception of time flows forward as progress. Stepping back is a regression, an ebb in the flow, but isn't that what current and eddies are all about?

The flow is part of duality, the wave nature combining with the particle nature to establish this third dimension, as we call it. Waking up is a criteria of recognizing sleep, but where do we go when our head hits the pillow and our eyes wide closed? Time could be a supercritical fluid, where horizontal becomes vertical.


Flow is the biology of growth in all forms, the creation of new as critical mass is achieved within the old. The tides bring a swelling of water to the beach, guided by the moon, always in the same place as we expect it, until this past week. When the sky shifted, things changed and the bright light looks ugly from the howdtside looking in, even uglier from the inside looking out. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Flow forms were Victor Schauberger's way of stacking the flow of water to clean pollutants out of the ecosystem. Schauberger is amongst the dissappeared in history, so that great ideas that can be buried and recalled later, presented as new innovation by the corporate death culture. Ah, Bartlebey, the Monsanity of it all.

Flow is genetics, not geneticly modified. The search for comprehension of grain smut led to a recognition of micro-biology before the origin of the species was written. Current science is shaped from the reappearance of disappeared concepts, like curl. How does implosion energy work? You may neither ask the man selling you on the need for a gas guzzling engine in your personal vehicle, nor the one loaning you the money with interest to upgrade it.

Flow is a discussion that exchanges information, the receptive force between unlike things placed together. My opinions are not your facts, unless you accept them as such. Opinions do not require correctness, take them or leave them. But if you leave them, have you really left them, or do they gnaw at your consciousness? Flow is what follows after action, there is no right or wrong to the cascade of flow, it is what it is.


Physics wants to make rules, to set limits, to measure the is and segregate it from the what could be. As flow takes you on the path, you get to choose the path less taken, or to go with the flow. Group think comes in many forms, it controls aspects of common flow.

Common law is above natural law. It means nothing when you don't have common sense. But if we all agree, we get a rather boring world. If we accept that we can agree to disagree, then why was the conversation necessary? You say do not take offence to suggest that you do take offence. That is open minded, eh?

Chess pieces are bound to play chess. If you want to use the board to play checkers, we change the pieces, and their configuration. When the game ends, we set up a new board and start another game. I am off, because the rules of the game changed, and my go game no longer requires your checkerboard. In hockey, checks are very violent. Where are the balances.

Flow is a measurement standard, a weigh of gaining information and assembling it to create power and love. The power comes first, the love sets intention. The process of sounding too early disrupts flow, but in all cases, the flow must go on, as the show must continue, until we change the channel. Just follow the flow chart.


I am willing to go with the flow of the busy stream, the more the merrier. When i swim against the tide, i expect to encounter resistance. When i get the resistance while being with the flow, i turn off onto a knew tangent. Notice how most flows end in a whimper, not with a bang.

A traffic accident is an example of the violence of a dead stop, rather than a gradual stop. The trauma is complex, because the dissipated energy had to go into the destruction of form. If we cannot agree to slow the pace to a dead stop, then our momentum will take us over the cliff with the onrushing lemmings. Flow cannot be messed with, it has to be engaged.


Life runs in cycles, just as frequency is measured in cycles per second. The scale of being is confugured in your mind, it can change. We get comfortable operating in our own personal energy wells. Until we get worked up, we remain docile. Energy vampires feed upon our flow and set direction, we may either pass or play. Allen Ludden is spinning in his grave.

Namaste' ... karl

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That is a spitfire full of words that ring true. I have been thinking a lot on flow versus frequency. The difference of going with the natural process and weighing out the pros and cons of engaging in resistance. My mind is busy, considering everything that is going on at the moment in my own life and then I look around and realize that I am not alone. Many are on the same path, moving at similar paces. It makes me think that some of us don't belong in the fast lane. Some people get swept up and just as in a current, resistance is redundant. You say that the flow must go on and then talk about coming to a halt. I tend to think that the flow begins with natural law. The flow has a process and a path. We are on the flow, whether by choice or by accident. If we become docile but don't say, hang on to a tree branch for dear life, we are still moving. We are moving without any effort, or at least with little effort. Fighting the flow often requires more work. It can be tiring and not worth the time or energy. Other times, we fight because we see something dangerous in the path and simply need to wait it out on the bank. Common law dictates how you follow the path. That is how I see it. I appreciate the food for thought. I will share and think on it. Good post, as usual.


Great Comment! Followed ya!

Resteemed!! Love this, Lenny! Flow is EVERYTHING! And I love your new avatar. I still haven't figured out how to create a url to do mine! Beaming you waves of wonder Full fractacular complexity!