A professional gay player playing in the championship decides to reveal his identity before the new season begins

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A Twitter account was opened a few days ago with an anonymous identity and it got over 30,000 followers in a twinkle of an eye. The identity behind the account is a gay footballer who claims he’s playing for a championship club. He says he will reveal his identity soon, before the start of the new season.

I’m sure that a lot of gay players exist, but they are all finding it difficult to reveal their identity. In 1990, Justin Fashanu (a gay professional footballer) who disclosed his identity committed suicide after 8 years, due to depression. For this reason, many gay players failed to show their real identity. In 2012, Justin Fashanu’s niece Amal fashanu released a documentary revealing what happened and how her uncle committed suicide because of depression.

Now that we have a bold gay player coming out, many other gay players will be motivated to follow suit. Although there are still doubts that the account might be fake, we are all optimistic to know the outcome. Till then, let’s keep up with sports talk. This is ckole (the laughing gas)Thanks for reading.

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that must be very shocking for lot of fans


Absolutely @blazing. I'm very curious to know the player behind the curtain. If truly he fulfil his promise, he will become a legend and the discrimination against such set of players will reduce if eventually they are bold to disclose their identity. Thanks for the comment. One love