Be a long term Investor

7개월 전

Now the recession is around the corner and everyone is asking what should people be doing with their investment, should they cash out and sit on the cash, should they keep invested as this time is short-lived or something else.


If we go by history we have seen a lot of ups and downs in the market, be it 2008 or 2013 or even in 2019. No one would have predicted this even the great Warren Buffet because you don't know the future.

Let's go by the Quote of Warren Buffet which says

"We have long felt that the only value of stock forecasters is to make fortune-tellers look good." I'm amazed at how many investors take market forecasters seriously, even when they have no credible track records of success."

Those who all are saying that they knew it, are just falsely trying to sell their narratives. You might be sitting on negative returns or the loss but right now the main goal is to email calm, buy the dip and hold it till the market goes back again. You might think of rebalancing your stocks, if you are too much into the bank or oil try to get Pharma or FMGC etc.

You might be excited about the market fall but don't wait to get into the market by having loads of cash. Cash will not make you billionaire, people who take a little risk and invest in the right time are get rewarded. Those people get into trouble, who wants to outsmart the market and don't respect it. We need to be long -term investors who just see through the noise.

Invest today for the long-term and you will be rewarded in the future..

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