Scaredy Cat Investor Show Recap - Bitcoin Creeps up on the Halving

2년 전

If you missed the show here is the good stuff we covered. Bitcoin price action has been positive of late. In fact it has been positive for 2 straight months now believe it or not!


Bitcoin Weekly Chart Tells a Lot

Looking at the weekly chart you can see we are up 8 straight weeks. This has not happened since 2017 and after ward there was a 30% pullback in price.....but then!

Then price exploded because the parabolic move of late 2017 is what happened next. I'm not saying that is what is happening here.

But I do like that we did in fact get a run up into the halving. We could see a pullback after the halving like we did last time to digest this move and if so....maybe it will play out like the last post halving making a large sustained move higher after the initial pullback.

Either way, buckle your seat belts!

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