Clique Mentality in the Local Drag Scene


Unpopular opinion: the Malaysian cosplay community is more accepting and welcoming than the Malaysian drag community.

It's funny because I do drag up in cosplay but ONE time I show up at drag event as my normal self, these girls think they're Regina George and the Plastics.

I'm sorry I look like a cis woman to most of you but I can't afford to go on T and I still like wearing bright colours. Whatever it is you shouldn't be telling people that "women" don't belong in gay clubs, that's sexist af.

My friend asked me what happened at the club the last time and I told her. I didn't think it would cause all of you to pile up on me like that but doesn't that just prove that you were THAT rude the first time because you sent me a mean girls' essay in the guise of an apology.

So yeah, I think I will stick to my queer and nonbinary friends in the cosplay community. You can have your own shady library of queens. I think the Malaysian queer community has a long way to go but alternative groups like BL cosplayers are doing a better job right now.

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It is a shame that all of the 'alt' communities can't be accepting, and the cause of it mystifies me. It's great that the cosplayers are, though! Hope the other groups can learn from them!


Agreed. It's a shame there's so many exclusionist movements :(