"Alleged transgendered female" is offensive describing a rapist?

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I don't really want to harp on this; but, some recent conversations are illustrative of why this is important.

Even The Red Guardian posted an article about an "alleged transgendered woman" who will spend the rest of his (yes, I said 'his') life in prison for multiple offenses including rape and indecent exposure among minors.

I am absolutely not saying that this is a common trend among LGBTQ+ people. I'm saying that it does happen and the activists, who (in my experience) are mostly straight men and women, refuse to acknowledge that this could ever happen even though it's already happening.

At least with trans people they actually try to do this thing called "transitioning" which usually involves hormones and surgeries. When you add non-binary into the mix, you're talking about people without gender dysphoria and who will never be expected to go on hormones or have surgeries. For the activists, it's entirely inconceivable that bad people might exploit the cultural activism and the policies that we've created. For them, it's entirely impossible that a sexual predator would just identify as non-binary, put on a skirt, gain access to the girl's bathroom, and rape a girl on a high school campus - even though that did happen and the administrators covered it up until the student raped another girl on school grounds and the cover-up fell apart.

Still, that cover-up has been effective enough that most of you haven't heard about it. You know why? We're living in a world wherein the activists would find it offensive that the guardian even used the phrase "alleged transgendered female" to describe a rapist. The activists have spent so much time saying that it's transphobic to even question whether or not a four-year-old boy who says that he wants to be a girl should go on puberty blockers and insisting that any diagnoses of gender dysphoria is wrong and people should just be treated by however they identify just because they say so that they have to bury the fallout. They've spent so much time pushing an ideology that says that we should operate on the basis of gender identity rather than biological sex and defending Fallon Fox breaking women's skulls open that they can't say that we shouldn't send a man convicted of rape to a women's prison if he identifies as non-binary or a woman.

Seriously, these people are at the point that they care more about using rapists' preferred pronouns than they care about rapists going to prison and not harming anybody else so long as the rapist claims to be non-binary or trans.

There is a proper view here, people. Treat people as individuals. If they're good people, treat them like good people regardless of identity. If they're bad people, they're bad people regardless of group identity. I've never met a trans person who wasn't a good person; but, to deny that there are bad actors in that community is absurd. To deny that there aren't evil, straight men who are willing to identify as non-binary and wear a skirt just so they can get into women's locker rooms is to ignore the reality that bad people exist.

The cases are stacking up in terms of men exploiting the activist's ideology in order to sexually abuse women for anybody who dares to look. If you're one of those activists and you want to find the cause, look in the fucking mirror.

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