The Libertarian Party Has Officially Jumped The Shark With A Post Promoting Gun Control Protests

2년 전

This is an actual LP post

Absolutely disgraceful that the LP would support leftist brainwashed students disrupting the educational envirobment to support gun control. Totally embarrassing and off base.

Make sure to join up, join your state party, attend your upcoming state conventions and become a delegate. This nonsense absolutely has to stop. This is how you ensure that the LP stays a controlled opposition device, either though old party plants, sabotage or intense incompetence or stupidity

This is the ultimate pandering propaganda, and this is why we formed the caucus, to save the party from sellout activities like this.

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Whomever wrote that is thoroughly confused about Libertarianism! A Libertarian getting involved in gun control????? Pathetic!

This is why I continue to vote Republican. I am and always have been Libertarian, but there's no Party for LIbertarians and never has been.

My goals are to reduce the Federal govt to its basics - send all those useless employees home and sell their buildings - and eliminate thousands of stupid laws that no one obeys anyway.

I'm sick of buildings full of rude paper pushers, milking the system for everything they can get. Let 'em do something useful like passing food through a window for a living - learn some humility.


What's wrong with Adam Kokesh's "Split 50!" plan? What "basics" are needed that the states as individual nations can't accomplish?

It's time for the Mises Caucus to make a public statement on the Adam Kokesh campaign. Are you with him, or have problems with him? He is going to own the party after we see him distribute 200,000 "Freedom!" books across New Orleans at the LP National Convention.

For minarchos, it seems safe enough. In effect, he wants to return America to 1783, and start over with the Articles of Confederation in tact. Why not? Where's the downside. The Constitution has FAILED. The concept of "check and balances" between the 3 Branches has proven to be a complete joke. And voting them out of office has become IMPOSSIBLE since the (((counterfeit currency production and distribution ring))) is left to their vices. Federal Courts are controlled by APPOINTED thugs in black robes. So much for that Branch helping keep it clean!!! Same goes for Federal Prosecutors. Foxes guarding the hen house.

Step it up, Mises Caucus. July 4th Adam takes the reigns.......................