Pfizer announces 3rd dose coming, despite their vaccine causing blood clots like AZ and J&J

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Time to upgrade your antivirus program! North America's primary Covid "vaccine" will probably require a third injection to be effective, and likely ongoing shots every 6 or 12 months for the rest of the person's life, according to Pfizer's CEO. Because coronaviruses mutate rapidly - like influenza viruses - any protection granted by this mRNA technology will quickly become useless, meaning booster shots of newly generated formulas will be constantly needed.

Pfizer's product is currently one of the only ones authorized for experimental use that hasn't suffered a massive worldwide catastrophe, such as Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca's deadly blood clots. Thus far, it has been seen as "the safe one", relatively speaking.

Pfizer is funded and supported by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. Their "vaccine" is based on mRNA technology that hijacks the recipient's immune system to create billions of copies of viral spike proteins. It has never been used before, and the makers admit we won't know the effects - positive or negative - until they happen.

We have seen recently that these concoctions are being made mandatory, with Trudeau and other leaders saying "the best vaccine for you to take is the very first one offered to you", even though it is clear they are not 100% safe and effective.


Are you surprised by all these new developments? Probably not, given the pace things have been falling apart. If you've been paying attention, you know that I (and many others) have accurately predicted all the major aspects of this "pandemic" and the state response. I even warned for many years that something like this was coming, describing the loss of liberty and technocratic takeover almost perfectly. Nevertheless, even I must admit things have become incredibly dire in a real hurry.

There's no such thing as "fully vaccinated" anymore (if there ever was). You're always going to need more shots, of new and improved formulas. And just like the current ones, they won't be approved by any regulatory body, but merely authorized for emergencies and experimentation. In fact, they'll be less tested (and potentially more dangerous) than ever before, because they are no longer doing ANY safety testing. The new formulas, which are said to be necessary to defeat mutations of the virus, are not being put through even the preliminary 3 months of lab tests the original did.

All pretense of safety has been left behind, in favour of getting anything labeled "covid vaccine" into human bloodstreams, as quicky as possible, and by force if needed. This is absolute insanity, and tyranny.

Instead of "100% safe and effective!", now they are shouting "the benefits outweigh the risks!"

But isn't it up to the individual to determine what the benefits and risks are, and weigh them for themselves? What about "my body, my choice"? What about the Nuremberg Code, and medical autonomy? What about the Constitution, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? What about personal sovereignty?

How can a state (and its bought media organizations) use threats, coercion, intimidation, propaganda, bribes, AND outright lies in an effort to get every person within its borders to accept an untested pharmaceutical product with risks that include death?

New development: Pfizer and Moderna JUST AS BAD for blod clots!

A new study by Oxford University says "4 in 1 million people experience cerebral venous thrombosis after getting the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, versus 5 in 1 million people for the AstraZeneca vaccine." Blood clots are roughly as prevalent with Pfizer's product as they are with the deadly products being permanently banned!

I find it disturbing this vaccine is being pushed on babies just 6 to 12 months old! These children, if they survive, will never know a time when they aren't under the effects of experimental gene-manipulating therapies. A lifetime of autoimmune disorders, allergies, cancer, and neurological damage, not to mention the effects of genetically modifying their immune systems. Won't somebody please think of the children?

Pfizer and the other pharma giants are immune to lawsuits, so they have little concern for safety - a recipe for disaster. They received this protection in 1976, as a result of the exact same thing happening. They rushed a vaccine to combat a virus that was hyped in the media to be scary. President Ford went on TV to take the jab live, showing people how safe it was. Millions were permanently injured, and many died. The "pandemic" disappeared by itself as the vaccine was halted and the whole thing swept under the rug. Here we go again, but this time, nobody can go after them for damages.

This is all so SICK!

Sometimes I feel like I'm pleading with people being loaded onto trains and taken away to be put in furnaces and gas chambers. I know where the trains go. Anyone can find out, if they just open their eyes and look. But they keep their gaze down, minds closed, and hearts hardened. They can't and won't hear those of us who know what's coming. With fewer and fewer left to resist, all of us will end up on the trains before long.

Even if the vaccines somehow don't cause any further health problems than we've already seen, which would be a miracle, giving BILLIONS of doses all within a short few months will cause a tsunami of serious adverse reactions. We have only seen the first tip of that iceberg, and each day, the death count accelerates. In some studies, 1 in 6 recipients became so ill after the shot they required care, and could not work. A massive wave of symptoms, hospitalizations, and deaths - caused by the vaccines - is now inevitable. Exactly how huge and devastating that wave is, will be determined by our next actions. As the vaccination effort ramps up each day, with now tens of millions of jabs per 24 hours, we appear to be purposely collapsing our health care systems. That risk has never even been mentioned in the narrative.

Just like 9/11, the official story is a lie

The narrative was written years ago. Many of us have been able to see it, predict it, and warn about it. But now, we find ourselves swept up in the hysteria, being carried with the masses over a cliff to our demise. Countering the narrative the way I do is important, but ultimately not enough to stop it. They have invested too much to turn back. They are playing for all the marbles this time. This is where the evil ones either win, or are utterly defeated.

If you didn't see all this coming, consider staying tuned to those of us who did. We must work together to restore our Liberty. Thank you for helping to spread these links and news.


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