Emancipated Human now on Steemit

6년 전

Luis Fernando Mises is a Consultant that teaches Leadership all over the United States, a Yoga instructor, a Meditation teacher, a student of Austrian Economics, a Statesman with the Libertarian Party, a Curandero, an Entrepreneur, and a Family man. He realized his personal mission was to empower others and to be present; and this realization propelled him to create Emancipated Human as a way to bring stories that would help people see the nature of the police state we currently live in, ideas to hack the world, interviews with people that have practical examples, and inspiration to live a freer life.
He is a Free Market Anarchist and is host of Anarchast Español and Emancipated Human and contributes to The Dollar Vigilante as a writer focusing on Dollar Vigilante Groups to help connect freedom-minded individuals on the web.


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Confirmed and Welcome. Glad to finally see you here!!


Thank you, happy to be here!
What's your name?

I'm happy to see you here! I enjoy your work a lot.


Thanks! I feel humbled :D

Upvoting and supporting you. Welcome to Steemit.

Good stuff! Welcome!

I was so pleased to see you in person there!


Thanks! Who is Dooglio?

Great to see you here. All my favorite people are getting on Steemit. You, Jeff Berwick, Sterlin Luxan, Juan Galt, and Kirk Robinson, just to name a few. I think you will really enjoy the platform and the possibilities.

Hey Luis, looks like you've already got Steemit all figured out. Welcome!



i actually dont know shit about it. are you well acquainted with this platform? maybe this weekend you can tell me about it, too??


Fo sheezy my mexicaneezy


Luis :) Adil here, welcome to steemit! :)


Obrigado, my brother.


Anything you need man, I'm here :)

I thought I might find you over here Luis! Welcome and Good Luck