The Ethics of Voting and Animal Welfare


Voting for a lesser of two evils is still wrong however voting for someone to reduce the violence within government if no harm is being perpetrated by said person is not. Ron Paul was able to work within government and never put his name on any bill that used tax payers dollars. I often find a similar scenario arising in animal rights around animal welfare. A friend once asked me if i would be willing to work in an abbotoir and slaughter animals to expose what was going on if it could lead to speeding up the end of the animal holocaust. Working in an abattoir and slaughtering animals humanely or for the purpose of exposing the evil within the system is still wrong however entering an abbotoir to feed or somehow reduce the suffering of animals that are due to be slaughtered is not provided you’re not facilitating actual violence. The latter seeks to reduce the harm that is at play and doesn’t add to it. This is an important distinction that often gets overlooked within veganism and voluntaryism.

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