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What book is this from? Thanks for sharing


Hi moneybags. This is an open source project I'm kind of in the process of casually perusing. Casually, mostly due to it's daunting nature. Open source, as in I hope other people will help me write this book. essentially the idea is to write a book that would theoretically eventually contain all other books that have or haven't been written. research the "library of babel". The project aims to work away from some arbitrary starting point, leaving breadcrumbs as we progress. people will then read the book in reverse starting with any page they discover, most likely far away from the start, then one page leading to the next you might find the beginning/end. Others might even write parallel stories reverencing the same, but all leading back to that initial page. the "Genesis" page. Like a block-chain for all stories ever written, and not. When people read back to page one, I hope some will turn back to the page they discovered at the start, or any other page, and continue the conversation into the unexplored. Making sense of these feeble ramblings.