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Being a first time mom is life changing – from shifting schedules and living working on a lil sleep, because you have to look after you baby 24/7 even if you have someone who's helping you, you still automatically wake up once you hear your baby crying. A new mother is responsible for a little being that’s so vulnerable, and in so many ways, the children begin to define her – for better or for worse.

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Motherhood is not just a full-time job, but it’s an act of utmost love and devotion, it is a big transformation so that why i feel like it tough me so much about the foundation of loving relationships.

We all have very different developmental needs and strengths. Children are viewed as works-in-progress while adults are viewed as final products. Yet, we’re all growing and learning each day.
We should be the one who knows everything as a mother, we should be the one who will guide our kids.

love must be fun, and it's critical to laugh and play together
We should know that in one relationship that laughing and having fun is still important, but sometimes struggles and problem we encounter build barriers and wall that makes us forget on how to laugh anf have fun with the one we love and this may cause a damage to our relationship, we should still think on how we can have fun with our loves ones, make some quality time,crack a jokes, play games and make some simple surprises, by this we will be able to still have time to laugh and have fun together so our relationship can still grow stonger each day.

We need to know what to expect and routine is good
In different kind of relationship it will always work to have a daily routine or plans, its either a relationship with your kids, family members or special someone, by having a daily routine or plans will makes relationship got direction, everything will be easy for each and everyone,but having a daily routine or plans always comes with expectations and by this we should know what we need to expect, its very important to always have communication with everyone and state those things that we need to do,so we can always set a proper expectations to everyones tasks to our daily routine or plans.

Each person takes their own time; we can only be clear and consistent and cannot demand or dictate the future.
Respect always work on every relatioships we have, everyone has something that they want to do with thier lives, everyone has something that they want to become, great example of this is a relationship between a parents and thier children, being a parents sometimes we didnt notice that we're getting too much control of everything about what we want for our kids, we didnt noticed that we become frustrated on how our childs grow, by this we forgot that although they are our kids they still have something they want to do and what they want to become with thier lives, by being overprotective we forgot to respect thier right to chose, we should practice to communicate well with each other and more open on what each other want to do, we should respect the time of everyone to grow and discover thing they want to become in the future..

You cannot do it all in your relationships and you have to reward yourseld for what you dl accomplish and not beat yourseld up too much for what you do not.
Being in a relationship we should learn how to accept things, specially those things that we can do for them and we cant, we should not overthink those things that we need to do for someone, we should learn how to set proper expectation to our special someone those things that we can only do, as long as you did everything to can and do your best to give whats the only best you know for them, its okay not to do those things that impossible for you to do, dont assume, dont pretend, let them know what you can only do by showing all your efforts and being the best you can be.

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Having children certainly changes your life!

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Great read, especially like the part on relationships, taking they've been super hard for me. Thank you for this

I'm upvoting right now! I've upvoted. Nice post from @awesomenyl Thanks for sharing!

"Each person takes their own time; we can only be clear and consistent and cannot demand or dictate the future." Good one!

Good read, father of a lovely daughter and watching the bond between a mother and child is incredible....your right alot of folk want what they think is best but we really can only guide them to the right choices in life....good work i'm sure your child will be very proud of you