What is the purpose of life?

4년 전

The purpose of Life is Nothing!!!

If you and me did not exist in this world it would not make any difference at all. Think about it, there are around 7.6 billion humans in this world, would yours or mine existence in this world really matter to life.

Life is profound and exists on it own. It functions on its own and we humans are living in it in a superior way to other animals because we have a beautiful brain. Tomorrow if another species arises with a brain superior to ours , humans will be taken over and will be treated the same way as we are treating other animals right now.

The question that needs to be asked is "Why do we exist in this world?".

We humans are animals, and the basic instinct of any animal is to survive. Historically, humans have been far better because we have a thumb, which is very helpful to hold things, a brain which understands resources better, an eyesight that looks at the world properly and above all our intelligence that makes us way better than other animals. We are not stronger , but more intelligent to use the resources available to us, and hence we have taken over this world.

This survival instinct , made the human race , kill dangerous and notorious animals and made them extinct from this world either because they were better looking or because they were a threat to us.

We now rule the world and are is such a stage where we are competing against each other. Previously is ancient times, the human race was united and was working together as a unit. But as the population increased, we are now battling against each other in the name of religion or country.

The point is we are now way ahead of the survival stage, and we exist just because we are ruling the world. Had any other animal been intelligent than us, we would not have spoken about "the purpose of life", if we existed , we would have spoken about " How to survive in life"!!!

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So very true, but do you really think that the new competition is only caused due to the increase in population??
I think futility of discrimination and lack of compassion are also the reasons for this competition and battle.
Tell me what do you think??