Are These rape became the cause of Hitler's suicide!

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The day of April 21st, 1945, is remembered in the history of Germany, like the doom of the Soviet Union, under the leadership of Marshal Georgiikh Jukov, the German city of Berlin was completely surrounded, and like the hungry sheep, on the city of Berlin The German soldiers fought down to the last breath to protect their country, but the Red Army had more than twenty-five million soldiers and in Germany they had only one fight. B. It was not possible for the German army to compete with such a large army but still they fought and martyred to protect their country, the Red Army laid the heaps of dead bodies, they had only one slogan, no mercy on anyone To show
In this war, the Red Army did not leave any casualties in humanity; They made rape victims of every woman or girl from 8 years to 80 years. Not only did they cast sticks and many other things in their vein, Most of the women died, many women were gang raped by a single woman, little girl was screaming with pain, but the army of Red Army In the spirit, if the devil had made it home were raped them with nearly two million German women or girls in the war by the Red Army, according to not come historians mercy on
This incident proved that there was a great hatred in the mind of the Red Army for the people of Germany and Germany, it seemed as if it was not just a fight for the country but the Red Army was pulling out its personal giants. Even if she is a woman or a senior officer's wife, a young girl or an elderly woman
The victim, who lost her life, did not forget that incident, after which it was only violent to have sexual relations with her. I have never been comfortable with the relationship between woman and man. . Most of them died after the rape of millions of women in a seductive manner.
Hitler, considered to be the world's greatest dictator and hard-hearted, defeated the Red Army's cruelty and gave up his knees; he shot himself, committed suicide, a red-hot army, until Hitler's wife Eva By the time Brown reached, he also got poison and gave his life.385243.png

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