Six (6) Tips to Strengthen the Family Bond (Part 1 of 2)

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I grew up in a closely-knit family. My cousins were my neighbors, playmates and close friends. We went to the same elementary school, high school, and college together. I was raised with not just my parents, but my uncles and aunts counseling and supporting me. I praise GOD for having such caring family.

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Caption: They are more worthy than the finest diamonds!

Well, I'm here to share to you some tips to strengthen the family bond:

1. Communicate with Love

Communication is important in forming strong families. Just as how prayer is important in having a loving relationship with God is with families. Families must have good communication skills. Even if you're not the extrovert, sanguine type, one must talk to each other. You don't have to argue often in order to establish communication. Just learn to speak and listen, appreciate each other, give some encouraging words or sweet gestures.

My parents and I love to talk about anything under the sun as well as some serious aspects in life. Because of my family's "openness", I have gained confidence to trust them. Communication means being careful in our words, avoiding evil surmising, and having a precious listening ear.

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Caption: My sister and cousin love to cheer up each other amidst the trials of life.

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Caption: It's nice to celebrate life with your family!

2. Allot Sufficient Time to be with each other

Spend TIME together. Time is gold and so are your families. Despite the busy schedules, my family chose to spend quality time with each other. It could be going to church together, dining out together or simply going to the beach for a picnic or swimming. Eating together at home can be simple yet sweet. I remember my dad coming home with supper having served already. Mom would call us and we would sit and share the day's events.

I appreciate how my family tried their best in creating sweet family moments. It's nice to recall the memories we have spent together through the years. Spending quality time with the family helped me from not feeling alienated. It gave me a sense of self-worth knowing that I have a group of people to trust . Glory be to GOD!

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Caption: I visited my grandma on her birthday. It was a time well spent.

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Caption: During summer breaks, my family would spend get away from the hustle and bustle of life and spend our day in nearby resort.

3. Family Meetings are Important

When vital issues are to be discussed, having a family meeting is important. I could still remember the time when my parents and I talked about my plan to pursue graduate studies. It was serious yet I felt the love of my parents. There were also storms in our family. Family meetings were held to discuss rules, give counsels, and encouragements.

Caption: We're not a perfect family but we chose to stay together because we love each other.

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Caption: God bless us all!


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