Family is the future

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Assalammualaikum warahmatullahhiwabarakatuh.
ESTEEMIT Board. My dear child, today he got new clothes from his siblings. He feels happy and happy. I am the father of my children. Feel happy with everything for what his siblings have done. I, as a father, feel very happy. Mutual attention from fellow brothers. This will have a positive effect on the day, when they are older. Of course all of that, Must be with good control between parents and teacher teachers who educate them at this time until later.


At this time I was really very worried, with various aspects of technological progress at that time. Very far compared to my childhood. in 1990.
the method for leading my family is to free them to speak and express opinions. I don't need to be afraid of my children. But I subdivide certain boundaries subtly. As if jokingly giving input.

Children today are not in Peto but must be understood. I think so

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Thank you for the warning you gave. I will continue to make posts. Until you judge that my post is good, so is my next post.