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sometimes, when I read some blogs, I see some people using comments such as: NICE- GOOD JOB-GREAT-WOW.. theses are the only words that they use in one comment box. the other clue is that these comments happen to be on the blogs of the most famous steemers! did you get the idea?

this only shows that first, they do not read the whole blog as the comment can apply to anything!

Second: why do not you comment on the subject by adding, approving or criticizing the ideas on the blog?

we need to make this platform better by learning from different people in different fields.and to be able to do that we need to read the blog and understand it.if it is appealing, thumbs up! .if it is not, comment still in a constructive way.!

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Totally agree with you on this matter.

I think they do this with the ideea that maby some whale would hit that up vote button on that comment and that way they'll hit the jackpot.

I really appreciate you making this post, I'm here on this platform for those exact ideals. I want to be part of a community that helps me and other people grow, exchange quality ideas and opinions and vice-versa.

I believe that the "mainstream" side of the internet is already full of spam and nonsense and I most definitely don't want this to happen here as well.


agreed. there is nothing better than learn from each other . i do learn a lot here too. thank you for posting.


followed you too .

This is awesome post thank you for posting this looks very interesting and this is incredibleI upvoted you .
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followed you back . thank you for the appreciation.