Merry Xmas Steemit!

11개월 전

Haven't had much to post about lately so I thought I'd share a picture of our Christmas tree. Perhaps we went a bit overboard this year but the office smells fantastic now :)


Lit up at night time!


Only thing missing are the presents. What is everyone asking for this Christmas?

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Merry Christmas @adventurerider. The tree looks awesome.

Very colourful! I love it!

.......MERRY X-MAS To @adventurerider !!!

Hahaa merrrry Christmas everyone!!!! Nice tree

Great tree, and I'm glad everyone loves it!! ;) MERRY Christmas!
Here's mine my son decorated it lol


That's very cool lol

Merry Christmas

let it be light!

Your tree looks awesome. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. I am not asking for anything. Very grateful for all that I have received in 2017


You and me both Steemit friend!

What am I asking for this Christmas? For everyone to love each other and treat others how they would like to be treated. In a way that is peace on earth. For a second present I would ask that Santa bring me a kind-hearted girlfriend, as mine died this time last year. Beautiful tree and nice post my friend.


That is so sad... I hope you get what you wish for.

nice camera effect!!! @adventurerider

Wow! really beautiful

Awesome Christmas tree man Marry Christmas from BANGLADESH...

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Socks are always good. Something about crazy socks :)
Best wishes, - @splendorhub


That's true, everyone loves socks. Except whales.


lol...if I ever meet one I'll have to ask.


Can't believe this image actually exists lol.

I don't celebrate it, but I have the gift of life and wonderful new people I'm getting to know through their blogs like you.

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Merry Christmas, very nice tree :-)

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The Christmas is very wonderful time and you have very great Christmas tree :)

Great post. I’m new to steemit and I am all but clueless, but I’ve made my first post and I would love some feedback!!


I especially dig the dark shot!

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It is fabulous.. I love you tree and tonight with BTC and Steem going through the roof ..well it is Christmas. Yay!! @adventurerider resteemed.. I found you on resteembot :)


Yes! I believe that crypto going to the moon is the best Xmas present one could ask for :) But not because it buys things, rather because it takes the money away from bad people and puts it in the hands of normal people. The true spirit of Christmas.


it is freedom to be creative and post a photo of your christmas tree and make crypto to buy food and presents 🎄


Absolutely, to live as one pleases is a great gift :)

Merry Xmas to all and to you @adventurerider

Really good job bro carry on thanks i like this post and your all post is very important and helpful thanks

nice decoration.....mery christmas @ adventurerider....

Wow, i like the lighting effect on the wall! Merry xmas fellow steemian!

Brand new here, happy holidays everyone

Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho!!


Nice... Merry Christmas from Canada

Merry Christmas @adventurerider wishing you the most exciting Christmas ever 🎅

Merry Christmas 🎄

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Wow. This is great. I thought of it as simple at first. But when lit up, it is so much different. Great post brother. Keep it up.

This christmas tree makes me wanna speak chinese to my hispanic parents!

I am really amazed, love your tree can I borrow it lol. What I wanted for Dis Xmas is a family and i have found one on steemit. Love you guys and I am happy to be here, you guys really made my 2017.

very colorful and looks very nice . merry christmas

Awww your tree looks super pretty!~

awesome lol

Merry Christmas!

You cannot go overboard with Christmas tree. It looks amazing :)

❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ 🎄 ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Hey @adventurerider , merry xmas to you too!

That tree looks pretty nice, hope everything going good for all of you guys.

❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ 🎄 ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

This Christmas, i will be spending it away from my family in Berlin. First time in a snowy country and spending it with some good friends, maybe with some nice warm porridge is sufficient for me!

That is a gorgeous Christmas tree!!

Nice post

Beautiful, the best gifts for this new year son health, the rest is addition. Merry Christmas!

Wonderful! I like it! :)

Love it.. Merry Christmas!!

In my country they cut the electric service at least three times a day, so I can not put the decorated tree. However, happy Christmas for all

I need to get mine too, nice christmas tree

I fell in love with that Christmas tree, you have very good decoration, greetings from venezuela.

Awesome Xmas tree.

cute! i never bother i wait till i go home and just enjoy the beautiful lights in london and then my parents tree :D

Merry Christmas to you too! Wow your christmas lights are outstanding :D

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That's a good looking tree!

My roommate is Jewish, so we are celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas this year. We went searching for her first live Christmas tree this Monday.

She was pretty proud to have it strapped on the top of the car. XD

Sorry for the low quality pictures, didn't do such a good job with photography on this trip!

Petty nice soon i will do also mine !

Beautiful tree love it, I'm asking that my best friend lives long enough to meet my parents who arrive in Mexico on Jan 9th. Bloody Cancer is spreading and even though he is a fighter and has the best nurse ever, his wife, he's now down to 135lbs. I am prayign for a Chrstmas miracle. :)

Really pretty.

Its in the spirit of christmas, this are very lovely