Who is really important? - by@awgbibb

4년 전

When watching this , it truly brought out it's message to me !

Such a good sensible way to sit and analyze who the important people in your life are?

Tell me that going through this Video has no effect on you?

I was sent this via WhatsApp , converted it on my YouTube channel, not my property.

Please give me your opinion on this!

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A lot of people are met with you in your life, a few people have there to influence your life individually!

kinder, stronger, more tolerant...that's what I'm striving to be day by day. This vid touched me, my friend. Thank you :)

Sara tiene el síndrome de la conciencia del mundo moderno

agreed, though thought provoking

I think there are several solutions to that dilemma. For very believing people, the wife or husband may be the right choice, but even so, the husband or wife may also die sooner, and perhaps it is then a son, daughter, or friend who shares the rest of our lives, and becomes the one that remains in the list. In any case, it is a good video for reflection.