Frozen In Time 20.02.2020

2개월 전

I wanted to write yesterday but I was too busy thinking about creating monuments on this historical date that will not come again anywhere near. The date was so majestic, 20.02.2020 or 20022020. Wow-what a number right. Has anyone done anything yesterday to mark your event on this auspicious date? I hope so because I have overslept yesterday while thinking about it, I was actually frozen in time, lol :D

Frozen In Time

Twenty and Twenty
Beautiful auspicious date
I must've been lucky


That's all for now, wishing you a #BeautifulDay #LifeIsBeautiful

Take care and Stay Blessed!

Yours truly,

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Я буду писать на Русском языке Мне это проще я не могу понять что происходит??? Я не вижу своих друзей на кого подписан . а самое главное я не вижу все новые посты которые создаются. Буду длагадарен за ответ.


Thank you @steem-venera for resteeming by post, stay blessed and have a pleasant weekend :D